TU Parking pilots counting system in Towsontown Garage

By: Caitlyn Freeman, editor in chief 

Towson’s Parking & Transportation Services will test out a new counting system in the Towsontown Garage that will show the availability of student parking spaces beginning in October, the university announced Wednesday.  

An electric sign displaying the availability of “CORE” or student parking spaces will be at each entrance, a press release states. The system will run from Oct. 1 to Oct. 21, 2022. 

Pam Mooney, director of Parking and Transportation Services, said the pilot is being run through Parking Logix, a Canadian-based company focusing specifically on parking space counting. The department decided to look into this program after surveying the state of parking on-campus.

“Part of that study had recommended that as a service to the campus community to give them more information about the status of parking in the garage area,” Mooney said.

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Once the pilot and subsequent survey are complete, the university will analyze the results and decide whether or not to proceed with full implementation, the release states. If adopted, the university would begin to install the systems in the summer of 2023.

If the university implements the program, Mooney said it would cost $60,000 to install the equipment into Union, Towsontown and Glen Garages, or $20,000 for each garage. In addition, there’ll be yearly operation fees that she did not have available.

As a self-funded department, Parking and Transportation is funded by students who utilize on-campus parking. However, Mooney said she doesn’t expect the new system, if purchased, to raise the permit cost significantly.

Additionally, Mooney said the counting system would also aid the department in its goal to be more environmentally stainable. Essentially, the fewer students are circling the garages trying to find a parking space, the less carbon dioxide released from their cars.


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