Students get a “taste” of uptown

Photo by Grace Coughlan/ The Towerlight
by: Grace Coughlan, Staff Writer and Zac Soper, Contributing Writer

LaborStay weekend, hosted by the Division of Student Affairs, aimed to help students enjoy both the warm weather and the long weekend on campus. One major event of the weekend was the Food Crawl to Feet on the Street, which took place Aug. 30.

The Food Crawl’s purpose was to introduce students to the different eateries off campus. Students were taken out on different tours to the uptown area, where they stopped at Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza, The Bun Shop, and Z-Burger. 

At Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza, students were offered free slices of pizza, and free soft drinks. They got to enjoy the indoor/outdoor atmosphere of the restaurant, while sampling different flavors of pizza. 

For freshman Joy Sang, the Food Crawl was her “first experience traveling to Uptown,” said Sang. “Being here with friends and getting coupons encourages me to come back.” 

The next stop on the Food Crawl was The Bun Shop which offered different types of pastries. This rustic-themed eatery doubles as a local spot for students to study and grab a bite to eat. The Bun Shop also featured different types of chicken bowls from Brown Rice Korean Grill, a nearby restaurant off of York Road.

Sophomore Luka Yetter expressed his interest in returning to Brown Rice Korean Grill. 

“The food  was great, I’ll definitely go try it again,” said Yetter. 

The last stop was at Z-Burger, a burger joint where students were offered free french fries. At this point, the tours ended, and Feet on the Street began. 

Feet on the Street is a Friday night block party hosted by the Towson Chamber of Commerce on Allegheny Avenue. These block parties have been going on since the end of May and will continue until Sept. 27. For Towson’s LaborStay weekend, Sagamore Band and Towson University’s Marching band headlined the night.

This week’s Feet on the Street block party will headline Starcrush on Sept. 6. As always, it will offer live music, drinks, a moon bounce and face painting.

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