Welcomed in with open arms

By: Jordan Stephenson, Art Director 

I will always find it ironic that I ended up in my college newsroom. Growing up with Ugly Betty and Gilmore Girls really made me believe I was going to be a writer. Of course, later in life my interests changed, and I am no longer influenced by the shows I watch. But yet, here I am writing my “Bye bitches, I’m out!” blurb for The Towerlight.

I have spent the last three semesters hunched behind two large monitors as I worked on graphics for the newspaper. Though that computer screen wall held no match for The Towerlight staff. I was welcomed and inspired by everyone in the office all the time, and my only regret was not joining sooner.

I am holding on tight to this last issue with the best group of people — and guys, this is really sad. I hope my legacy lives on through the knowledge of a round text wrap, and I know The Towerlight office will forever be a safe-haven for a group of wildly creative and weirdo people.

Thank you so much for all the laughs, the never-ending support, the debates between jif and gif, and most importantly, thank you for being my human spell checkers. I love you guys. Keep writing the important stuff. Keep challenging each other. Keep Jordan entertained while I’m gone. Wait… which one?

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