Wenger, Freeland and Davis will compete at ECACs

By: Jordan Cope, Staff Writer

Towson will be sending three members of this year’s team to the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference championships next weekend in Boston.

Senior hurdler and captain Emily Wenger and sophomore sprinter Zanae Freeland will be joining junior sprinter and hurdler Kaitlyn Davis after Wenger and Freeland broke school records on Sunday afternoon to qualify for a spot in the competition.

Wenger shattered the previous 500-meter hurdle school record in a time of 1:15.67 and Freeland broke the 200-meter sprint school record in 24.71 seconds.

Wenger said that the extra week off due to inclement weather was a huge help but also unsettling to the team.

“We really got to rest but we were also nervous because it had been a while since we have had that kind of competition besides practice,” she said.

Despite the nerves, Wenger said that the team was able to stay fresh and keep the rust off in their two-week layover.

“We pushed at practice and took care of our bodies,” Wenger said. “We have team ice baths that really help our bodies to recover.”

Next weekend, the Tigers will be facing their toughest competition of the season at the ECAC championships in Boston against teams from across the East Coast.

Still, Wenger said the girls will continue to prepare how they have all season.

“We will just want to maintain our health and stay focused and work hard at practice,” Wenger said.

Wenger said breaking the school record in the 500-meter was great, but she wants to improve even more.

“I would love an even faster time,” Wenger said. “But if I finish my race knowing that I gave everything and left it all out on the track, I will be happy.”

Junior captain Kate Williams, who missed qualifying for the ECAC’s, said she has high aspirations for her teammates as well.

“I expect the girls to record even faster times and bring back some gold medals,” Williams said.

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