What just happened at the Iowa Caucus?

By: Tyrone Barrozo, Columnist

The Iowa Caucuses took place last Monday and the Democratic National Committee managed to make themselves look more incompetent than ever after technical difficulties and a failure to communicate said difficulties delayed results.

In short, not enough work was put into designing a smartphone app to report the aforementioned results which then flooded telephone hotlines and then confused the hell out of people as 2020 was the year that reports would be delivered differently (instead of one set of results, three sets of results were reported). In the end, however, it would be Senator Bernie Sanders winning the popular vote and former mayor Pete Buttigieg winning the most delegates. 

But, I feel that this royal blunder is nothing but an omen for the near future. I’m concerned that the DNC will find a way to lose the presidential election this year by continuing to hassle and shun Sanders and try to force Joe Biden down our throats like they did with Hillary Clinton in 2016.

And, on top of that, during all of this, the DNC is continuing to reveal to the public that the majority of the party do not care about attempting to initiate drastic change but instead are just as bad with their partisan mindset much like their red contemporaries.

Now, let’s get a couple of things clear—this is not the first time that the DNC has gone after Sanders. Back during the 2016 campaign trail, the infamous site WikiLeaks posted emails basically admitting to the DNC—specifically Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a long-time friend of Clinton at the time—doing anything and everything to screw over Sanders. The sad fact of that whole debacle was that they ultimately succeeded, and I reckon that they will succeed this year (I’m anticipating a surprise backstabbing of Biden when they decide to try and push Buttigieg to go up against Trump).

At this point, you may be asking why I’m assuming the worst and why I’m anticipating the worst case scenario. Well, for one, according to a recent January 2020 poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College, none of the Democratic candidates are expected to defeat the president. Did the numbers make me cry? A little bit. But like a couple of parents disapproving of their child’s hopes and dreams, I’m not angry, I’m simply disappointed. It seems to me that we will all see a similar situation this year as we did in the 2000s with George W. Bush—just with a classless prick with an awful spray tan this time around.

Aside from internal affairs continuing to stoke the current dumpster fire that is the blue team’s image, there are simply other factors that continue to contribute to the ongoing problem of ultimately grasping at straws for a chance at the presidency. For whatever reason, many of my generational contemporaries are simply not going out on election day to vote—and to that, might I suggest opting to vote via absentee ballot for convenience. There’s also the issue of the electoral college pulling a 2016 and saying, “Oh? What’s that, Nation? You want your votes to be heard? How about no.”

If what we all saw on Monday is any indication of what we’re going to continue to see this year, then I’ve lost all hope and began the grieving process required to handle the impending fate of a second Donald Trump term.

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