What’s happening at Glen?

By: Alison Keller, Contributing Writer

Photo by Alisha Hancock / The Towerlight

The center of Towson University’s (TU) campus is undergoing a drastic renovation to modernize on-campus living for students. 

One of the younger residential buildings on campus, Glen Towers, is home to 380-450 students per building, designed for incoming first-year and under-class students who have enough credits to live on campus. 

The complex consists of four-highrises with a dining hall right outside each building. They are furnished with all basic amenities that all the traditional dorms have, but they are suite style, meaning four people share a bathroom. 

Tower C, across from Glen Dining, is under construction. This new building model will feature many upgrades from the old layout, including a discounted housing option. 

Students who opt into living in a three-person room in Tower C for the entire school year will receive a 20% discount on their housing cost, equating to $3,128/semester. 

This option is open to any student eligible for on-campus housing. Eligibility also depends on available spaces rather than credit hours earned. 

To express interest in this discounted housing option, visit TU’s Student Housing Gateway and follow the instructions on the “Tower C 3 Person” page. 

Some of the new features that the buildings will have are updated heating and air conditioning systems and most noticeably, a modernized exterior. 

Some have expressed anticipation and excitement about this updated addition on campus. 

“I feel like the Glen Towers are a nice place to live if you want to live on campus,” said Olivia Kroop, a sophomore, who lives in one of the towers. “It is convenient having a dining hall very close especially when the weather isn’t great.” 

Christine Branch, a first-year student majoring in forensic chemistry, is excited for how the renovations will look after they are completed.

“I’m looking forward to the new exterior,” said Branch. “The buildings look pretty old and plain, so I think that giving the outside of the Towers a touch-up is nice.” 

Branch also commented on TU’s other additions, including the new University Union, and how they both will “enhance the campus experience” for current and future students. 

Freshman and exercise science major, Amelia Wisniewski, is “looking forward to the new renovation” internally and also externally. 

Wisniewski agrees with Kroop about the convenience of the location of the Towers. 

The project on Tower C will be completed in summer 2022. Afterward, renovations for Towers B, A, and D will be completed. According to the TU website, they “expect renovations to be complete by summer 2025.”

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