Why I love living with my sisters

 By: Charlotte Smith, Columnist

Although living in an eight-person apartment with a horde of sorority girls may sound overwhelming, it’s actually really great — even for an introvert like me. In fact, some of my favorite college memories are from right here in our shared apartment. Living with my sisters has been a great experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Here’s why:

  1. There’s always someone in the living room to greet you when you come back from classes.


  1. Movie nights all the time! We watch everything from strange documentaries to “High School Musical,” and it’s the best.


  1. Someone is always cooking and sharing dinner with you. One of my roommates/sisters regularly shares her delicious homemade Italian recipes with me, and I feel #blessed.


  1. SHARING CLOTHES. My real sister at home is five years younger than me, so we never shared clothes much growing up. I feel like I missed out, because WOW is it convenient to just borrow someone else’s shirt when you don’t know what to wear.


  1. You always have a shoulder to cry on. If you’re upset or stressed or having a college-induced mental breakdown, your sisters are always there for you, and they know exactly how you feel. It’s amazing to always have support.


  1. Jam sessions. My sisters and I have a shared love for Borns and The 1975, and we are blasting their songs and (somewhat obnoxiously) singing along 90 percent if the time.


  1. THE DÉCOR. Everything is sorority themed wherever you turn. So. Many. Canvases.


  1. During midterms and finals, you have sisters right outside your door to help you study. And to cry over your test with. And eat ice cream with while you accept that you might fail.


    1. There’s always someone willing to go get McDonald’s with me at obscure hours of the night or to run errands when I realize that I’m all out of milk. I either shoot a text to the group chat or stand in the living room and yell for company, and someone usually appears.


  1. I get to live with some of my favorite people, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Seeing my sisters on a busy morning before class or after a bad night out always makes everything seem a little better. I know they’re always there for me — just down the hall.



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