Women speak out against sexual assault

By: Kayla Hunt, Columnist 

Most Americans have heard the fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” at least once in their childhood. In the fable, a shepherd boy cried to the villagers on multiple occasions that there was a wolf, when in fact there was not. When a wolf actually did come to the village, nobody believed him. The moral of the story was this: Liars are not believed, even when they tell the truth.

I feel as though this fable needs to be revised to a more modern version, because it seems those who tell the truth are not believed.

According to RAINN, one out of every six American women has been the victim of an attempted rape or completed rape in her lifetime. Many of these women have summoned the courage to tell their stories, which can now be seen through the ongoing movement of #MeToo. However, it seems as though people try to find holes in women’s stories to debunk their allegations, or even try to blame the assault on the victim, especially when the assault has been committed by a public figure.

Women are NOT the only victims of sexual assault. Any person of any gender is subjected to being a victim of sexual assault. However, it seems to be that it has become “normalized” in society for girls to grow up with the fear of being sexually assaulted. Women have to go about their everyday lives with caution, the thought of possibly being sexually assaulted at any time tucked in the back of their minds.

Courageous women are speaking out to share their abuse, even the women who have not spoken up are courageous for just having to live in this harsh truth.

Women are howling out their truth, and it is time that we drop “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” spectacle and not only believe but take action, because the wolves are here.

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