Woodward’s book “Fear” leaves Trump defenseless

By: Dylan Brennan, Columnist

With the release of Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear,” I was wondering who would defend President Donald Trump the man? Trump, the symbol I can completely understand, a symbol of the destruction of career politicians, of stagnation, of protocol. Trump: the leader I can completely understand: a leader who doesn’t mince words, who doesn’t fear anything, and who candidly acts without any regrets. Even I can see the charm in those perspectives. But Trump the man?

Over the past nearly two years now, let alone the other two during the campaign, we have seen front and center who Trump the man is. I cannot name a single demographic that Trump hasn’t disrespected or hated outright. Trump doesn’t even really like his own base aside from their votes. When Trump goes to a rally in Arizona, do you truly think he stays there, or does he leave as soon as possible to return to his ivory tower? When Trump meets miners in West Virginia, do you truly think he sees them as fellow Americans, or cogs in the machine? When Trump meets soldiers at a United States military base, do you think he’d ever leave the safety of his own home to give a morale speech at their base camps?

Trump has always been looking out for number one. He has never showed genuine admiration or respect for anyone, if you ask me. He isn’t even as intimidating what some people, even his critics, make him out to be. A common theory is that Trump is a fascist. I think there is one flaw to that theory: fascism is about centralizing under a strongman; Trump is instead a showman. A showman is a person who keeps the audience entertained and captivated while the real talent does all the real work. A showman is always the star of the show, no matter how many true talents exist on the field. Trump does nothing, but keep us engaged in his antics, all for us to never question what he actually does, but instead be dumbfounded and stunned by his antics.

He sees everyone around him as weights in his balloon powered by his infinite flow of hot air. If there is any turbulence, he throws them off the side. His only goal is to get further, not to benefit America. But the air is thin that high up, and I don’t think it’ll be long before he chokes on his own ambitions without anyone around to help.


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