Young Thug’s new album sounds a little too familiar

Courtesy of The Come Up Show on Flickr Creative Commons
by Abe Nery, Columnist


It’s “Thugga” season, baby. Atlanta native, and dress connoisseur, Young Thug, just dropped his latest album, “So Much Fun.” Thug is one of the most unique rappers currently in the rap game, and is unafraid to break the boundaries of what a traditional trap rappers should say and do. He has proven his unapologetic nature time and time again, from wearing a dress on the cover of his 2016 standout album “Jeffery,” to his country-rap project from 2017, “Beautiful Thugger Girls.” 

There was much expectation that Thug would continue his creative streak with this new album, and reveal a new direction that his music is going in. Unfortunately, it seems that all the hype was for naught, as this album seems to just be a continuation of the same pattern Thug has followed for the last two years. The pattern being, extremely bloated projects with entirely too many features that dilute any interesting idea Thug introduces. 

This album clocks in at one hour and two minutes, but like walking through a room of funhouse mirrors, it certainly feels much longer, as each song does nothing to pique the interest of the listener. The majority of the 19 songs that make up this project all sound the same, and contain everything you’d expect from a 2019 trap song. Even some of the witty one-liners that Thug and his album features came up with, only serve as a moment to scoff at just how mediocre the rest of the lyrics are. 

However, it should be noted that Thug has had a big influence on Atlanta rap in his half-decade of music-making. There are many rappers that sound exactly like him, and adversely, there are times on this album where I genuinely had to look up the lyrics to see if it was Thug or a featured artist rapping on a song. Featured artists are meant to add a different flavor to a track, however in this case, it seems that the features just attempt their best Thug impression. 

In rap, when all else fails, the beat can usually save a song or a project. Not in this case, I am afraid, as the cookie-cutter beats offered to the listener song after song do nothing to distract from how much of a mess this album is. There are a couple of good singles such as “What’s the Move” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, and “Hot” featuring Gunna, but overall, this album is a dud. It does nothing to improve on Thug’s discography and is entirely forgettable. I wouldn’t blame anyone for skipping out on this album. 

As always, stay cool Tigers and godspeed.


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