Zoey’s truth: Nickelodeon reveals the “Zoey 101” time capsule

By: Caitlin Moynihan, Columnist 

Ten years ago, we had no idea how important September 18, 2005, would be.

Most of the undergrad students at Towson were in elementary school and lived in a world where Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had just called it quits, and his romance with Angelina Jolie was just beginning.

We were young, innocent and blind to the fact that Dan Schneider, creator of hit Nickelodeon TV shows like “Drake & Josh” and “Zoey 101,” would eventually become our mortal enemy. 

On September 18, 2005, the “Zoey 101” episode “Time Capsule” aired and our lives were forever changed. Pacific Coast Academy created a time capsule and each student was expected to leave something behind to be dug up in 20 years.

While most people left behind souvenirs or items that reminded them of their favorite teacher or class, Zoey decided to go a step above the rest, like she always did, tbh.

Zoey created a video in which she talked about the PCA gang. Chase began to obsess over what she said about him.

In the end, Chase did the right thing and didn’t overstep his boundaries and was #blessed when Zoey said he could find out in ten years instead of 20.

While we were upset at first, “Zoey 101” continued and we became bombarded with Zoey and Chase missing each other and the whole London fiasco.

Eventually, Jamie Lynn Spears became pregnant, thus needing to leave the show and causing the show to cancel suddenly leaving us with no closure and basically ruining everything. Can you tell I’m still a little bitter?

Since the show’s untimely departure from our regularly programmed schedule, Schnieder created more shows in attempt to fill the void “Zoey 101” filled. It wasn’t until September 18, 2015 that I truly forgave him.

I woke up as if it was any other random day, and then it happened. Schnieder had been teasing fans all day saying he had a major surprise, and he sure did deliver!

TeenNick aired a five minute video of Chase (Sean Flynn) about to propose to another girl, whom he accidentally calls Zoey a la Ross Geller, when his BFF Michael (Chris Massey) runs in saying that he dug up the old time capsule from 10 years ago to discover what Zoey said about Chase in her video. After 3,650 days of waiting, it was finally revealed that Zoey thought Chase could really be her soulmate.

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