ZTA, Pike win dance contest

By: Christine LaFrancesca, Staff Writer

Zeta and Pike entered stage left in white button down shirts tucked into black pants complete with black ties for their nine-to-five theme as a part of “Dance the Madness” in SECU Arena on Thursday.  With clean movements, multiple handsprings and an overall polished performance, they were named this year’s 2015 “Dance Madness Champions.” Seniors Jordan Monck and Tom Chapman, hosted “Dance the Madness.” Monck, the director of programming for Alpha Epsilon Phi and Chapman, the president of programming for Kappa Sigma, were excited to see their fellow fraternities and sororities routines.

“During the fall semester, we usually have between 2,000-3,000 students show up,” Chapman said. “We love that each fraternity and sorority brings in so many people. They all tell their friends to come and watch them compete so it makes for a really good time.”

“Dance the Madness” showcased several fraternities and sororities on campus, who then paired up to choreograph themed dances for the chance to win first place and a trophy.

“This is not only an event for Greek life to come out and have fun, we want everyone to come out and see how inviting Greek life can be,” Monck said. “We still want to create a unity between us and non-Greek life students.”

Coming out first in “Doo-Wop” themed outfits, Alpha Sigma Phi and Phi Mu graced the stage in knee-length polka dot skirts accessorized with ascots ready to dance to “Footloose” and the “Grease” theme song.

“I’m really glad I decided to check this out, Phi Mu was awesome,” sophomore Brie Ferrara said. “I’m not sure if I want to pledge any sororities next semester, but they’re making me want to.”

Next to the stage was the Towson Pom squad followed by the Fusion Dance team, which led Monck and Chapman to introduce the women’s basketball team.

Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Matt Lenno worked with Monck and Chapman in order to make “Dance the Madness” a success.

“Since the ‘Dance the Madness’ event is held in SECU Arena, we found it only fitting to incorporate our sports teams,” Leno said. “Having both the men’s and women’s basketball teams here is great. They always get the audience excited and it’s a way to create relationships with our teams and groups on campus.”

Alpha Xi Delta and Kappa Sigma followed with their performance to “Do You Believe in Magic.” The men’s basketball team took the stage to introduce Phi Sigma Kappa and Alpha Omicron Pi.

“It’s always fun to watch how each organization takes a different path with the theme they choose,” Monck said. “That’s another reason this is so fun to us, we all get to be creative.”

The event neared to close with a routine by Kappa Delta and Theta Chi, followed by a performance by the Black Student Union’s Soul Dance team.

“We were excited to be a part of this and show everyone what were about,” senior and captain of the Soul Dance team, Michelle Harrison, said. “Being the only hip-hop dance team, we really wanted to get everyone hype. We wanted to be energetic.”

As students stood up and gave a round of applause for the night’s performers, Monck and Chapman thanked everyone for their support.

“It’s honestly the best feeling to know that we had a part in putting this together,” Chapman said. “It’s amazing seeing everyone come together and having a good time.”

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