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The 2016 back-to-school survival guide

By: Cody Boteler, Jordan Cope, Taylor DeVille, Kristin Helf, Sarah Rowan, Sam Shelton and Lainey Tepper. Production was by Alex Best, Chris Simms and Jordan Stephenson.

Welcome to The Towerlight’s back-to-school survival guide.

If you click through to the links, you’ll find The Towerlight’s guide to surviving and thriving at Towson.

In addition to our editorial work, you’ll find letters and words of advice from TU faculty, administration and student leaders. Good luck getting started at Towson. This is a great place that you can really make a lot out of. Just don’t forget to read all your syllabi.

How to survive living on campus.

How to survive taking classes and working on campus.

How to survive doing all that and still have fun.


“Grunt” would make for a good late-summer read

By: Cody Boteler, Editor-in-Chief

First, a disclaimer: this is my first ever professional book review. I’m not even sure I’d use the word “professional” to describe it.

See—it goes like this. I edit and publish a newspaper, and I like books. So, I thought, y’know, why not try out book reviewing?

Mary Roach’s “Grunt” is the first book I decided to review. I’ve read a few of her books before and I was really, really excited for this one to come out. Nonfiction is kind of my jam, what with the whole journalism thing.

Continue reading

Artscape partnership sends TU out of this world

By: Taylor DeVille, Staff Writer

Towson University’s art department opened its gallery doors July 9 to present “Mission Universe: A Curanaut’s Journey,” as part of the Artscape Gallery Network Exhibition, which partners with and draws attention to local galleries through Baltimore’s annual arts festival, Artscape.

Art and Design Department Director at TU and gallery curator Erin Leham said that the general theme of this year’s Artscape festivities is “space.”

The exhibition at TU features the work of 19 local artists who employed a variety of media, including film, algorithm-based visual works, photography, painting, printmaking and metalwork. Continue reading

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Action-packed flick ignites the screen

By: Caitlin Moynihan, Staff Writer

Before I get into our regularly-scheduled program, I just want to say congratulations. Whether you just finished your first semester or you’re finally walking across the stage next week, you deserve a break. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it’s been a long semester for the Towson community, and the summer is about to be welcomed with open arms. Continue reading