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How to slay (and not break the bank) this Halloween

By: Kerry Ingram, Columnist

Next Monday is the best day of October (and the day where you can finally dress up as your favorite childhood comic superhero and not get judged). While we college students will surely be spending the holiday cramming test material into our brains instead of candy into our mouths, we have this weekend to celebrate early!

Whether you’re going to a frightful bash, kicking it back for some scary-flicks-and-chills with your squad, or still lowkey continuing your tradition of trick-or-treating — (the best of us still try to get away with this as young adults) — I’ve come up with some easy, cheap, and trendy Halloween costume ideas for you to try this year.

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“Sleeping Beauty: An Opera for Children” teaches life lessons

By: Sydney Engelhardt, Contributing Writer 

“Sleeping Beauty: An Opera for Children” brought kids, parents and students together for a magical performance Saturday.

Adapted by Towson alumnus Timothy Huth and current senior Grace Kane, “Sleeping Beauty” marked the pair’s second production with the music department’s resident children’s opera company, “Opera in a Can.”

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Fueling up for Fall sports

By: Visharad Moktan, Columnist 

Fall is a great season for stop-and-go sports like football, soccer and volleyball. These sports require lots of power, strong moves and endurance for practice and games. But how do you make sure you are feeding your body what it needs? There are three things you should always keep in mind: “food is fuel,” “carbs are king,” and “protein is gains.”

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“Marci’s White Rabbit” confronts gun violence, domestic abuse

By: Taylor DeVille, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

In senior filmmaker Danielle Gibson’s short film “Marci’s White Rabbit,” a young girl struggles to find inner peace in the turmoil of her abusive household.

“It’s not something I have specifically gone through, but I think it’s something that people need to hear,” Gibson said. “I’m trying to do it justice.”

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“Deepwater” depicts true tragedy

By: Matt McDonald, Columnist

Mark Wahlberg stars in the new disaster movie “Deepwater Horizon,” which depicts the tragedy of an oil rig exploding in the middle of the ocean. While it is short and fast-paced, it certainly does not hold back.

“Deepwater Horizon,” co-starring Kurt Russell, John Malkovich and Dylan O’Brien, portrays the events of April 20, 2010, when BP worker Don Vidrine (Malovich) gives orders to start drilling for oil despite obvious structural flaws. Under too much pressure, the whole rig bursts with mud, eventually leading to even more brutal consequences.

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