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“Tomorrowland” is yesterday’s news

By: Nick Salacki, Staff Writer

If there’s one film I can associate with the filmmaker Brad Bird it’s definitely “The Incredibles.” Didn’t we all love that movie? I know I did.

So when I heard about his latest flick “Tomorrowland,” I watched the first trailer and was excited because the trailer made this movie seem like a great next film for Bird. Compared to “The Incredibles,” “Tomorrowland” takes the place of Bird’s experimentation with live-action superheroes.

I thought this is what the film was about, yet I was far from right.

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Outreach for Nepal

By: Annie Sragner, Associate Arts and Life Editor

When natural disasters occur around the world, they hit home for many Towson students. Senior finance major Ayush Malla was deeply heartbroken by the news of the recent earthquake in Nepal because he has roots in the country and loved ones directly affected by the quake.

“The first thing that came up on my mind was my family,” Malla said. “Being thousands of miles away I was helpless and to make the situation worse, phone lines weren’t going through. I was very relieved to know that my family was safe. However, it didn’t last long as I started thinking about the millions of people that were affected by this devastating incident.” Continue reading


The end on ‘Idol’

By: Caitlin Moynihan, Columnist

Just imagine, by this time next week we’ll be packing up our final belongings and heading out to wherever we call home. While some of you may be getting ready to have the best summer of your life back-packing across Europe, or having the internship of your dreams, some of us are doomed to the repetition of the retail life and watching Netflix on the weekends.

No matter how you plan on spending your summer, make these last few days count. Have fun with your roommate, get your friend group from freshman year back together, or finally give that person who lives down the hall from you a chance and go out to dinner with them. I mean it’s the last week of the school year, so you might as well end it with a bang! Continue reading


‘Penny’ for her thoughts

By: Kaitlin McKay, Columnist

It’s the last issue for this year, and I’ll be graduating at the end of the year. So sadly, this will also be the last column for “Renting at the Reels.” Thank you guys so much for reading “Renting at the Reels,” it’s been an awesome year.

“Penny Dreadful” takes places in Victorian England, where famous 19th century British literary characters all live in the same universe, including Dracula and his army of vampires, Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Gray. At the center of “Penny Dreadful” is Vanessa Ives (Eva Green), a medium with extraordinary supernatural powers and Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton) who search desperately to find Malcolm’s missing daughter, Mina (Olivia Llewellyn) – the same Mina from Bram Stoker’s Dracula – who had been kidnapped by a group of vampires with the help of American gunslinger, Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett).  Continue reading


Crime, laughs fall short

By: Ryan Permison, Staff Writer

Buddy comedies are hard to come by these days. Only a handful of these movies have worked in recent years, and “Hot Pursuit” would fall somewhere in the middle.

The head of a drug cartel is about to go on trial and one witness can put him away for life. For safety’s sake, the police recruit Officer Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) is ordered to escort Daniella Riva (Sofia Vergara) to the courthouse. Continue reading


Saying goodbye to the USA

By: Stef Foster, Columnist

So here I am, 8 months, 26 days and a 14-hour time difference later, sitting in Newell while enjoying one of my last veggie omelets and writing my last ever article for the Towerlight as a study abroad student from Australia.

What a marvelous plethora of experiences, knowledge and memories I have accumulated during this time. Aside from my extra possessions, I’m going to need an extra 25kg check in suitcase just to take home the memories!  Continue reading

Theater constructed by students

By: Miles McQuerrey, Contributing writer

In an intimate space with soft lights and quizzical props, theater magic took place. Students became directors, actors and production crews of professional proportions. Audience members became visitors in a realm of absurdity, comedy and drama.

These evenings of “Student Directed One Act Plays” took place from May 6 – 9 in the Center for the Arts Building and featured two plays.

Towson student Sadie Lockhart directed “No Exit,” written by Jean-Paul Sartre, and Lianna Brizzi, also a Towson student, directed “The Bald Soprano” by Eugene Ionesco.

Senior and acting major Alex Lewis came to the show to see his friends perform. Continue reading

New grooves

By: Hailey Miller, Contributing Writer

Towson University’s Dance Department has continued to break the mold of what many usually expect from a dance performance. The dancers and choreographers have continued to shift their style and artistry to stay in touch with the ever-evolving art world.

Their spring performance, “Interludes,” debuted this past Friday, May 1, where not only is there a ballet repertory piece performed in tie dye, but there are also multiple comedic acts featuring a variety of props.

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First time in Ocean City

By: Stef Foster, Columnist

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Ocean City with Towson’s Surf Club.

From what I can tell, it seems that most Marylanders have been to Ocean City before. A lot of you may have visited for Senior Week, and many of you may have gone multiple times before and since then, perhaps even every summer since you were six! 

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