2017 survival guide: having fun and getting involved

JoinedTowerlight-03“I’m looking for a way to get involved with The Towerlight. What’s the best way to get started?”
We’re *totally* not biased or anything, but we think that working for The Towerlight is one of the coolest things ever. Again, totally *not biased.* In all seriousness, though, working for The Towerlight is actually pretty cool. We’re an independent, student-run organization that serves Towson University and the surrounding community, keeping campus and beyond updated with the happenings on campus. While we distribute a weekly print edition, we’re increasingly focused on transitioning our newsroom to digital production — meaning we’re not solely writing-focused. If you’re interested in writing, photography, copy-editing, video, graphic design, audio, or social media, there will always be things you can help out with. We assemble our print editions on Mondays, and we distribute them on Tuesdays. In addition, we have our online, daily newsletter, Towerlight Today — we definitely recommend subscribing to it. Stop by our office anytime. We’re on the third floor of the University Union in room 309, right down the hall from the Center for Student Diversity. We’ll have applications for you to fill out if you’re interested in joining. You can also email [email protected], and we’ll get you on our email list. We’re hosting our Inside Scoop” open house on August 28, our second production day of the semester. Feel free to stop by anytime between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to hang out with the editors, talk journalism and enjoy some free refreshments. We can’t wait to see you around the office sometime soon!

“I need to get involved on campus, but there are so many activities! How can I find my fit?”
In high school, you were part of the track team, theatre troupe, math club and studentGotInvolved-03 government — and that was just your Tuesdays! Now, you’re itching to get involved on campus, but where? Fortunately, Towson has a plethora of clubs to choose from. Your first stop should be the “First Look: Get Involved” student involvement fair on Aug. 25 at 7 p.m. in SECU Arena where you’ll be able to meet members of the dozens of student groups at TU. You can also check out Involved@TU, the University’s online portal for the groups on campus. Once you spot some clubs that pique your interest, sample a bunch to find the best fit(s) for you. If after all that searching you still can’t find a club that matches your interests, start your own! At Towson, you only need five students, a faculty/staff adviser and a student group constitution to start a club. So get out there and get involved! One of our favorite organizations is the Center for Student Diversity, which promotes dialogue between individuals of diverse lifestyles and backgrounds — join one of their multicultural student organizations, such as the Black Student Union, the Muslim Student Association and In the Life, and attend some of the CSD’s signature programs, offered each semester.

“Classes start next week and I have no idea what to wear! Do you have any fashion tips?”
Arts & Life fashion and beauty writer Kerry Ingram may beg to differ on this, but I firmly believe in wearing pretty much whatever you want – as long as it isn’t offensive, you’re pretty much good to go. It’s at a professor’s discretion, honestly; if they don’t want people wearing hats in their class, for example (a problem I have yet to run into), then take off your hat for their class. The way you dress yourself is a matter of personal expression, and on college campuses of all places you’re encouraged to express yourself pretty much however you feel (although again, self-expression and the visual perpetuation of discriminatory and hateful ideas are two entirely different things). I’ve seen people roll out of bed, put on their Crocs, and head to class, and I’ve seen people with their hair gorgeously curled and cheekbones contoured and feet armored by five-inch heels. Basically, college attire rules are the same as beach stores: shirt and shoes required.

I came to college to let loose and have fun, and I want some fresh and feverish nightlife. If I don’t feel like going out, is there even anything for me? What are some things for me to do at Towson on the weekend?”
Oh, do we have some answers for you. People always complain that there is nothing to do on the weekends at Towson… FALSE! There is so much to do! If you have the proper documentation, you can visit uptown. Be sure to swing by B Lounge, it’s arguably the best place to people watch. Also hit up The Greene Turtle and Lil Dicky’s. Dicky’s has some impecabble drink specials. If you don’t have the proper identification or if you just want to lay low, there is still plenty to do! There are a ton of restaurants and a brand new movie theater just minutes away from campus. If you are from out of state and have never been to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, we highly encourage you to go. From a night on the town to casual entertainment, Towson has it all to do on the weekends!

“I love staying active and playing sports, but I don’t think I’m good enough to make any team at Towson. What should I do?”
There are plenty of opportunities to participate in sports at Towson, even if you don’t try out for any teams. If you enjoy basketball, you can take a stop by Burdick Hall where there is an indoor court and more than enough hoops to allow you to shoot around. Early in the fall semester, there are openings for a three-on-three intramural basketball tournaments, if you’re looking for something more competitive. There is even a gym in the same hall as the court, you know, in case you’d like to pump some iron. Not much of a basketball person? No problem. Outside of the University Union there is a soccer field, so if you’d like to get some people together to get a game of World Cup going, there is plenty of space available. There is also plenty of space to do some workout drills, throw around a frisbee with some friends, play pickup football and basically do any kind of outdoor physical activity you could think of.

“During orientation, everyone told me that attending sporting events at Towson is a must! What’s all the buzz about?”
Towson has a lot of enjoyable games to attend. The most intense game to go to is a CheeredforTowson-03football game. The home crowd is always electric at Johnny Unitas Stadium and it feels like more than just a sporting event when you are there. You can tailgate with your friends, cheer for your school with people you don’t even know and proudly wear your black and gold. Basketball games are also exciting as both teams provide a fast-paced brand of play that is sure to excite the crowd. Though those are two of the more popular sports at Towson, there is a talented pool of athletes that encompass many sports. The swim meets provide you with some extremely impressive competition and both lacrosse teams play with great intensity. I could go on and on about the teams at Towson, but the best way to learn is to come out to one of the many exciting sporting events.

“I’m considering joining a fraternity or sorority on campus, because I’ve heard it’s a good way to meet new people, but I don’t know much about Greek Life. What’s Greek Life like at Towson?”
Welcome to campus! You’ve heard correctly – fraternities, sororities, and Greek Life in general are an excellent way to connect with people and extend your social circle. Towson has over 35 chapters of academic, social and service-based Greek organizations to choose from, all of which can be found on WentGreek-03Towson’s “Recognized Fraternities & Sororities” page on the University website. Greek Life has a strong presence on campus; walk through Freedom Square on any given day and one chapter or another is advocating a cause or spreading awareness for an event or charity. If you want to join, fill out the form at www.towson.edu/studentlife/activities/fratsororitylife/join.html in order to participate in recruitment – to “rush.”


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