2023 SGA candidate questionnaire: Senate candidates

The Towerlight sent every candidate on the 2023 Student Government Association ballot to allow them to explain their platforms and campaigns in their own words. Below are responses from the candidates running for senator and chief justice.

Click on each question listed below to view individual responses.

Note: Senate candidate Andy Liu and Fiyinfoluwa Sanya, the chief justice candidate, did not respond to the questionnaire.

Why did you decide to run?

What is one pressing issue currently being faced by Towson students and how would you help address it if elected?

If you previously held office and are running for reelection, what was your biggest accomplishment during your previous term and how do you plan to expand on it if reelected?

In your opinion, what steps can the SGA take to ensure its addressing and understanding the needs of the Towson student body?

Like many U.S. colleges, Towson has experienced incidents in recent years that raise free speech concerns. Most recently, racist and homophobic comments by the student group Turning Point were made public, showing how public colleges must balance free speech rights with the needs of the student body.

How should the administration address that type of incident?

For more information on the 2023 election, visit thetowerlight.com/2023-sga-voter-guide/

Note: the candidate responses were collected via survey. The Towerlight only edited them for grammatical and punctuation errors.


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