A Towerlight re-introduction: New senior editor wants to tell your stories

By: Cody Boteler, Senior Editor

As is tradition at The Towerlight, I’m going to introduce myself to all of you wonderful readers through a brief letter.

Hi. I’m Cody. I dove head-first into The Towerlight during my first week on campus. I worked in the news section, where I got to work with a great team and got to interview a whole host of interesting people. There was one morning where the first words I said were “good morning, Mr. Attorney General,” and that was pretty cool.

Anyway, having worked as associate news editor for awhile and then news editor, I have since put in the position of senior editor here at The Towerlight.

And let me tell you guys, no, I’m not really sure what it means, either.

But here’s to hoping we can figure it out together. The senior editor position has always kind of adapted and shifted based on the person who’s in it. I have a few ideas for what I want to accomplish while I’m in this spot. I want to continue to build a strong relationship with the community that surrounds our campus, for example. But one idea stands out more than all the others.

I want to tell your story, Towson. We’re a student-run paper. You’re all a bunch of students (or people who are very closely connected to students).

At The Towerlight, we’re always reporting on what happens on this campus. We cover events that student groups put on and we cover issues that impact students. But, more than anything, what we as students do is what impacts this campus, and that’s what I want to use my position to make sure everyone knows.

So, if you’re doing something, if you’re trying to make a difference, if you’re trying to make your voice heard or if you’re trying to make this campus a better place, come talk to me. I’ll work something out so that The Towerlight gives your story the voice that it deserves.

Anyway, that’s that. Thanks to everyone at The Towerlight for letting me take this position on, and of course, best wishes to our new news editor, Sam — you’ll be great.

If you want to get in touch with me — because you’ve got a story idea, a complaint about our paper, some free food you’re willing to share, really, for any reason at all — you can reach me through my email at senior@thetowerlight.com, you can tweet at me (my Twitter handle is right there with my byline) or you’re always welcome to stalk me on Facebook.

Hope to hear from you soon, Towson.

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