Alumni honored at volunteer banquet

By: Mary-Ellen Davis, Staff Writer

Towson University’s Alumni Association honored long-time Tigers and active alums Thursday night to recognize the volunteer work they’ve contributed to campus.

Hosted in the Chesapeake Rooms, the Volunteer Recognition Awards Banquet saw Board of Visitors Chair and Class of 1965 alumna Myrna Cardin claim the Spirit of the University Award.

Cardin, wife of Sen. Ben Cardin, is an active member of the University community.

“I must tell you how excited and proud and grateful I am to receive this award, and happy to be with all the people who have been honored tonight, and I really must thank the alumni association,” she said.

Once the entrée plates had been cleared, Alumni Association Board Member Glenn Ross began to present the awards. Each volunteer being recognized received a crystal tiger statue, and gave a short speech to thank those who had helped them.

Andrea Boucher, a retired professor of physical education from TU, shared that one of her favorite memories from her time teaching was working with her colleagues, and one of the best things about Towson were the students.

Boucher said she enjoys staying in touch with those she mentored, and believes that building strong relationships with students is very important.

Class of 1965 alumna Judith Kistner and her husband Louis Kistner each received the 2016 Athletic Alumni Volunteer Service Award. The pair encouraged other community members to “join the excitement of rooting for the home team.”

Class of 1994 alum Christopher A’Hern received the 2016 Alumni Association Volunteer Service Award.

A’Hern thanked his parents during his speech, and said “it was my parents who taught me about selflessness.”

The 2016 Staff Alumni Volunteer Service Award was awarded to Class of 1994 alumna Felicity Knox, a Cook Library associate, as well as to Class of 2010 alumna Louise Miller, now TU assistant vice president of Integrated Marketing Services.

The 2016 Faculty Alumni Volunteer Service Award went to College of Business and Economics Dean Shohreh Kaynama, who is also a Class of 1976 alumna.

The University Alumni Volunteer Service Award went to Class of 1978 alum Steven Arbaugh.

Prior to the ceremony, President of the Alumni Association Lance Johnson and Towson University President Kim Schatzel delivered opening remarks.

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