An open letter to Towson Greek life

By: Cody Boteler, Senior Editor

Hey Towson Greek life,

You might recognize me as the student who’s been reporting on that off-campus incident involving TKE where, allegedly, some hazing happened that landed someone in the hospital.

I promise, I’m not out to get you. I don’t have a vendetta against Greek life or any of you as individuals. It is, however, my job to report the news—and when a Towson student ends up in the hospital, it’s part of my job to figure what got him there and what’s happening to the people who put them there.

No, I’m not in Greek life. And no, I don’t really understand what it’s like to be in a fraternity or a sorority. But I do know that, whatever happened with this incident, it doesn’t represent all of Towson Greek life.

And that’s why I’m a little confused. Time and time again, I’ve seen that students in Greek life, and even University officials, say that they’re “not at liberty” to talk about what’s going on. I understand not spreading rumors or talking about the ongoing joint investigation. That makes total sense. What I don’t understand, though, is complete silence.

Maybe there’s something that I’m just not understanding—but why aren’t leaders from Towson’s Greek life loudly saying that what happened doesn’t represent them?

If Towson’s Greek life doesn’t stand for hazing, get out and show us that. Host a workshop about how to handle hazing, or hold a rally that unifies Greek life with Towson’s campus—do anything, except stay silent.

Show us what you stand for—don’t just stand by quietly and hope that things blow over.

I promise, I don’t have a grudge or anything against any of you. I’m upset by what (allegedly) happened. I’m concerned for the student—and I know how difficult a time and situation this must be for the entire community.

That being said, I’m not going to stop reporting. That’s the job. We’ll handle things sensitively, sure, but we won’t restrain ourselves from reporting.

If there’s anyone who wants to talk on or off the record, or on background, about what happened, please reach out to me at [email protected].

And, as ever, if you’ve got a complaint or want to write a letter to the editor, shoot an email to [email protected].

Thanks for hearing me out.

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