Candidates discuss term goals in annual SGA debate

By Nachala Waters, contributing writer

Candidates for the 104th administration of the Towson University Student Government Association discussed their goals if elected at the annual SGA debate Monday in the Union Theatre.

This year, there is only one candidate for each position except for treasurer, which has two. All candidates except one treasurer candidate are running under the Expect The Arrival ticket. 

Each candidate made a two-minute opening statement and answered audience questions. 

Attorney general: 

Kennedy Bennett, ETA’s candidate for attorney general, was not in attendance, but presidential candidate Edmund Rhynes Jr. read her speech.

In it, Bennett said she aims to be more than just a candidate but rather a proud representative of campus spirit, change and advocacy. 

“My vision for Towson University is one where every student, regardless of background or circumstance, feels valued, heard and empowered to thrive,” she said. 

As attorney general, Bennett said she hopes to champion transparency, accountability and fairness within the SGA. She said she is running because she believes in the power of service and the ability of individuals to affect meaningful change. 


Jenna Jalloh is running for treasurer on the ETA ticket. She said she has a passion for student advocacy and leadership.

Jalloh said she believes her experience as chair of the grant review committee overseeing budgeting for student organizations has equipped her with the knowledge and perspective needed to effectively advocate for better communication, transparency and support between the treasury and student organizations. 

“I bring a diverse set of experience and skills to the table that uniquely qualify me for the role,” Jalloh said. 

Freshman Marlon Mauricio is running independently. 

He said he wants to prioritize communication with students, organizations and clubs, and transparent budgets. 

“Managing money is not a joke — it can impact you in a very positive or negative way,” Mauricio said. “As your treasurer, I plan to make it impact you in a positive way.”  

Vice president:

ETA’s vice presidential candidate, Simi Sanni, said her core values include advocating for students’ needs and representing them in discussions with administrators. 

She also said she plans to conduct more student surveys to understand where students need support and wants to embark on community walks to “discuss what can improve about SGA.”

“Let’s elevate Towson to new heights,” Sanni said. 


Rhynes said he is running for president because he is dedicated to change and service. 

Since joining the SGA, which he said was the first thing he did upon transferring to Towson in 2022, he created the undergraduate research fund to provide monetary support for student research projects, created the Narcan bill that makes Narcan more accessible in academic buildings and is currently fighting for a bill to implement excused mental health days for students in university policy. 

“I’m looking forward to continuing to build on the foundation Jordan Colquitt has laid and continuing to bring up everyone and magnify what we do here at Towson University,” Rhynes said. 


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