College of Health Professions introduces AADS minor

By: Malena Khan, Contributing Writer

The College of Health Professions has introduced a new applied adult disability studies minor this fall.

AADS Program Director Connie Anderson said that since people spend most of their lifetime as adults, it is important that adults with disabilities have a voice and that there are people who can help to build a positive image for them.

“This minor has a very practical approach, but it is also about finding a way for us to change society so that they are more accepting towards those who are disabled,” Anderson said. “There is a need for a program that focuses on adults with disabilities. AADS is a program that students will be able to benefit from no matter what profession they are pursuing.”

The AADS minor was approved last spring, and this fall marked the first semester that students were able to select AADS as their minor. So far this semester, 40 students have AADS listed as their minor.

“We are really excited about announcing the minor and getting the word out to more students,” Anderson said. “I knew it would be a wonderful addition to the university. It is a topic of interest that can really help to make a difference for those who are disabled in society.”

On Thursday, Oct. 8, there will be an event to introduce the minor at 11 a.m in the Loch Raven Lounge.

Zosia Zaks, manager of programs and education at the Towson University Hussman Center for Adults with Autism, will speak during the event.

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