Does Sidney Crosby want to take back what he said?


By Glenn Kaplan, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of The Boston Herald

When Pittsburgh Penguins centerman spoke to the media last week, he already passed off the best player in the world torch to Edmonton Oilers centerman Connor McDavid. Does Crosby want to rethink what he said?

There is nothing wrong with what he said because it’s clear in what McDavid does on the ice every game. Last Tuesday, the Penguins played a road game against the Oilers.

McDavid scored a goal and recorded an assist in that game. Crosby scored two goals, including the game-winning goal in overtime, in a 6-5 win for Pittsburgh. He went backhand on goaltender Cam Talbot and Crosby made a series of moves on defenders before that.

Crosby would score a goal and record two assists on Thursday night in Pittsburgh’s 9-1 win on the road against the Calgary Flames.

Was calling McDavid the best player in the world a move made by Crosby to wake himself up? Crosby doesn’t draw much attention to the media. Even though he was showing a ton of respect to 21-year-old McDavid, Crosby probably believes somewhere deep down he is the best player in the world.

However, I don’t think Crosby really cares whether he is the best player in the world or not. All he cares about is winning games and winning championships.


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