Fetty is back

By: Robert Wood, Assistant Arts and Life Editor 

Fetty Wap will, in fact, be coming to campus on Jan. 28 for the “January Jam,” in SECU Arena, Towson’s Campus Activities Board announced Nov. 6. The tickets for the concert go on sale Nov. 13 solely on Ticketmaster.com. There is a two-ticket maximum for each OneCard. They will be $30 for the floor, $25 for the lower bowl and $20 for the upper bowl.

The rescheduling of Fetty Wap was not as difficult as some might think.

“Fetty Wap and his manager were really eager to reschedule because they were just as disappointed as we were that, because of medical reasons, he couldn’t come,” CAB director Brianne Wade said.

Wade was told that Fetty Wap would be mostly available for dates in January.

“We talked to athletics, figured out what date in January we could theoretically get into SECU Arena, and they shot us back January 28 pretty quickly, and we proposed it to him, and he got the contract signed and everything done pretty quickly,” Wade said.

Initially, Fetty Wap’s management told CAB that it was alright for them to announce him as the Fall Fest performer, even though CAB knew of his accident. It was only after Fetty Wap had several medical appointments that his doctor said he shouldn’t fly, for fear of blood clots forming, which could cause a major heart attack.

“It was one of those things where it was disappointing, but it was completely understandable and I think the students were really great about being understanding about it,” Wade said.

With Fetty Wap coming to campus, his arrival does not disrupt CAB’s plans for Tigerfest next semester.

“We’re going to be starting looking into artist selection process pretty soon,” Wade said. “We’re going to have a Tigerfest survey being released in the next month or so, and hopefully we start looking into booking artists before winter break.”

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