Fifteen fool-proof Towson pickup lines

By: Ali Hinman, Columnist

Dating is hard. Well, not for me, but I hear it’s really difficult for others. That’s why I have developed a series of Towson-specific pickup lines. If you use them on campus, it not only shows that you are interested in the person, but it shows off the similarities you two have and also your sense of humor.

  1. Are you the steps in front of Smith Hall?

Because you take my breath away.

  1. Are you an important class that I am on the waitlist for?

Because I’m trying to get in you.

  1. Are you the Glenn Dining Hall?

Because you got my stomach turning.

  1. I don’t work at the dining hall, but I’ll call you baby.
  1. Are you the West Village bridge?

Because you I need you in my life.

  1. Are you the University Union?

Because even though everyone’s been in you, you’re still special to me.

  1. Are you B-Lounge?

Because you’re sweaty and gross, but you’re always a good time.

  1. Are you THB?

Because you are the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning.

  1. I’m like Jimmy cab; I’ll come in five minutes.

 10.Are you the Center for Liberal Arts building?

Because you got me lost.

 11. Are you the second floor of Cook Library?

Because no matter how much I hate you, I always come back the next day.

12.When you’re gone, I miss you more than tailgates.

13. Are you the Center for Arts building?

Because on the outside you’re not much to look at, but you are filled with beauty.

14. I’m just like Towson’s winter break: surprisingly long.

 15 .Are you Bill Bateman’s?

Because you’re proximity greatly outweighs the fact that you are not that good.

So try these out uptown or when you see someone cute on your way to class. Or…you know. Maybe don’t. You probably shouldn’t.

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