Freshman Do’s and Don’ts

By: Sierra Van Wie, Staff Writer

The Black Student Union (BSU) held a “Freshman Do’s and Don’ts” event Wednesday night in the West Village Ballrooms to help TU’s newest Tigers make the right choices during their first year living on a college campus.

“We’re hoping the freshmen feel a better connection with BSU and know that we’re here to support them and direct them with their college experience,” BSU Social Events Director BreAhn Holloway said. “Also, to help them be aware of what they don’t know about their college experience.”

The event focused on categories including academics, money, parties, dating, food, events and getting involved on campus. The freshmen were broken up into teams with BSU members. Then they read a possible scenario from each category and conversed with their group to decide how they thought the situation should be handled. Each team had a chance to explain their answer.

Freshman Jacob Webster said, “This event was very helpful and informational. It helped me learn more about organization, classes, events [and] study habits.”

After each category was discussed, members of BSU had the chance to share what they thought freshmen should know about living on campus. They shared their knowledge of fun on-campus activities, how to interact with others and how to get involved.

Another game had each freshman write one question on a notecard. Everyone stood up, asked their question to someone they didn’t know and then traded questions so they would have a new question every time they met someone new.

“I learned how to network and talk to new people,” freshman Danyele Bennett said. “I got good advice about where to eat and the places with better prices. Everyone is really nice.”

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