Getting to know Towson’s QB1

By: Sam Peterson, Staff writer

After playing for three other universities in his career, redshirt senior Tyrrell Pigrome has taken the reins at quarterback for Towson Football. 

In the six games the Tigers have played in the season, Pigrome has thrown for a total of 723 yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions. Pigrome is second in rushing yards for the Tigers with 245 yards on 68 rushing attempts. 

In his second game for the Tigers, Pigrome had a combined 281 passing and rushing yards and scored three touchdowns in the Battle for Greater Baltimore against Morgan State University. 

Pigrome has been a quarterback since he played in middle school after switching from running back. Pigrome said when he was young, his dad told him he was a quarterback, and he has been running offenses since then. 

Before playing for Towson, Pigrome spent time with three different universities including four seasons at the University of Maryland and one season at Western Kentucky University and Ole Miss.

“I feel like every school situation is kind of the same I would say,” Pigrome said. “Nothing really different, still got to come to work every day.” 

Pigrome transferred to Towson in the offseason this past year and won the starting job at quarterback over five other quarterbacks on the roster. Before going into the race for the starting position, Pigrome said he would have to battle for the job against his teammates. 

“He wasn’t given the job,” Head Coach Rob Ambrose said. “We said that the quarterback race was completely open, and he had to win it and it got down to two guys that were really close, and they split time and in the end he ran away with it.” 

Pigrome brings a new skill set and mentality to the team that the Tigers did not have before. Ambrose said his experience has helped out in the quarterback room. 

So far in his six starts for the Tigers, Pigrome has led the team to two wins against Bucknell University and cross-town rival Morgan State University, but have since dropped their last four games. 

“We’ve had our ups and downs as a team,” Pigrome said. “As an offense we just got to try and keep on getting better every week and try and execute the plays that are being run and worry about ourselves and not worry about anybody else.” 

Pigrome looks to continue to improve as a player throughout the course of the season. Pigrome said he wants to be a better leader for his teammates and help put his team in the best situation to win. 

The goal as the season continues on is to win the rest of the games, Pigrome said, as the Tigers have five remaining regular season games left on their schedule. 

“We’re really just trying to focus on ourselves,” Pigrome said. “And worry about what we got to do to win and come out on top.”

The Tigers host William & Mary after a bye week on Oct. 22 at 4 p.m.


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