It’s okay to question yourself

By: Samuel Smith, Columnist

I’m coming out: as questioning! I’m currently settling into the label of non-binary, but that may change with time. I’m still transmasculine (transgender + masculine), but I’ve begun using they/them pronouns as well as he/him, and I’ve begun to buy some more feminine clothes and makeup. I still love being seen as one of the bros, but I don’t feel like I quite align fully with being a man.

And guess what? That’s okay! It’s a-okay that I questioned myself, looked inward and realized the labels I was using didn’t quite fit! That’s healthy, and that’s normal. What’s not healthy is not questioning and not exploring if you feel uncomfortable. There are obvious reasons someone might not, such as safety, where it makes sense to not explore.

The trend is changing. Only 66 percent of Generation Z identifies as “exclusively heterosexual,” and three percent of teens are transgender or gender nonconforming. Teens are learning that it’s okay to question things, that they don’t have to conform to cisnormative or heteronormative standards.

You don’t have to question your whole gender identity. But you can question your style, your gender expression, your music taste or your political beliefs. Nothing is set in stone. Continue reading, exploring, discovering and most importantly, learning. Just know that you are in control of your identity, and you’re allowed to change as much as you want or need.

If you’re questioning something about your identity, it’s important to find support, whether that’s from friends, a trusted professor you know you can turn to, your spiritual community or an official support group. Finding support on whatever journey you choose to go on is vital in helping you unravel everything.

If you read this, and some part of it resonates, best of luck on your journey. Don’t be afraid.

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