Let’s talk about sex, baby

By Chloe Williams, Columnist
Featured image by Isaiah Freeman

Presenters at the the two-day I Love Female Orgasm event on Oct. 11 and 12 spread body positivity, women’s empowerment and necessary sexual knowledge in a fun, safe environment.

Sex experts Rachel Dart and Connor Timmons described the importance of having “someone you can go to with any question,” noting the importance of breaking the taboo of avoiding sexual health conversations.

“People need better access to true information,” Dart said.

Dart explained how people seen as having too much sexual knowledge can be labeled “easy” or a “slut,” while those with too little information are labeled “prudes.”

The speakers encouraged their audience to ignore trivial labels and choose to educate themselves for the betterment of their own lives, relationships and sexual wellbeing.

Dart and Timmons explained how easy it is to be misinformed about sexual health. They said this leads many people to “research” practical sex knowledge in places like porn and magazines, which both highly construe people’s perceptions of what is “normal.”

Dart and Timmons encouraged body positivity by informing the crowd that genitals come in all shapes and sizes. They stressed that instead of being ashamed of perceived flaws, they should choose to love their genitals.

The speakers also discouraged having a “signature move” in sexual situations. Since everyone’s body is different, people enjoy different things in terms of sexual pleasure.

Dart and Timmons advised the audience that communication is key. Speaking with your partner about what you like and don’t like can not only make sexual experiences more enjoyable, but also more comfortable.

I Love Female Orgasm included a myth-busting segment in which the speakers listened to popular sexual hearsay from the audience, and explained whether it was true or false.

The audience learned that it does, in fact, take women longer to have an orgasm than men.  Women take an average of twenty minutes of stimulation, while men only take an average of five to seven minutes of stimulation.

Dart and Timmons also confirmed the rumor that wearing socks can cause someone to orgasm faster.

The speakers also condemned some extremely common myths. The audience was reassured that masturbation is not only for men, but something women do too. Dart and Timmons also explained that generally those that have had gender affirmation surgery can still have orgasms.

Dart and Timmons also emphasized the right to say “no” to any and all unwanted experiences, both sexually and non-sexually. They explained that every person has the authority to make sexual decisions that best fit themselves; whether that means staying abstinent, having as frequent sex as possible or anything in between.

A good partner is respectful of the sexual decisions of their significant other. When a partner does not respect the boundaries of their significant other domestic and relationship abuse can arise.

If you find yourself in a domestic or relationship abuse situation, Dart and Timmons recommend visiting the Towson University Counseling Center, the Towson University SAPE (Sexual Assault Peer Educators), turnaroundinc.org, and/or rainn.org. RAINN’s telephone hotline is 800-656-4673.

The speakers shared some of their most frequently asked questions to close the presentation, including a practical biology lesson. Dart and Timmons showed their audience where the clitoris is, what the urethral sponge does and how to find the G-spot.

Dart and Timmons encouraged their audience to befriend their bodies and explore this sexual knowledge in a safe environment.

If you were unable to attend the I Love Female Orgasm event, you can learn more about the program at ilovefemaleorgasm.com.

The I Love Female Orgasm program also has a book written by sex educators and speakers Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller entitled “I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide” which covers and expands on material from the I Love Female Orgasm program.

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