Loni Love cancels, CAB event with food and music still on

By: Cody Boteler, Senior Editor

After a last-minute cancelation by comedian Loni Love, Towson CAB is pushing a “No Love for Loni” event at 5 p.m. in the Chesapeake rooms.

According to an email from a manager with the book agency that CAB was working with, Love canceled because she would not receive payment on the day of performance, even though a contract said otherwise.

“…She decided she still did not want to perform, and placed blame on the university for not having her payment available when she wants it,” the email read. “Her entire management team also tried every which way to make this work, & she still refused.”

CAB Director Ayana Bowman disclosed the email to The Towerlight on the condition that we not publish the name of the booking agency or the manager who was working with CAB.

The text of the email sent from the booking agency to CAB. Names redacted.

Bowman said that CAB is “just as disappointed as students are.”

According to the email, the booking company will be informing all schools and all of their competitors about the situation with Love “to make sure other schools are not put in the same position.”

The email said that, “[n]othing about this was handled professionally by her. We did everything in our power to make this happen for your student body at Towson University.”

Love’s management team declined to comment.

“No Love for Loni” will feature free food, because CAB was not able to cancel their food order, and music.

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