Misadventures of Towson: A day in the life on an online schooler

Illustration by Nyasha Marufu/ The Towerlight

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There are six scenes in this comic strip.
1. Students are seen on a tour on campus. The tour guide says, "If you look to your left..."
2. Three teachers are seen huddled around a computer looking confused. The tour guide says "...you can see how our professors use technology."
3. A teacher is seen pointing at the screen and says, "Oooooh," out of confusion.
4. The computer screen freezes and the teachers scream.
5. A student approaches the tour guide and says, "what's going on here?" The tour guide responds, "Oh nothing. Just showing everyone what to expect in college."
6. The tour is off in the background, and the three teachers around the computer are seen in the foreground. One teacher says, "I don't think restarting the computer will send an email." Another teacher responds, "No, let's try to restart the computer."

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