Positive remarks for Laci Green

By: Dylan Brennan, Columnist 

I do not regret writing all of my grievances with Laci Green a few weeks back, but I will write any future ones with a bit more respect. For many years, Laci Green in many circles has been built as a mythological monster to be slain, sung in songs across the Internet. However, she recently left the fold of her alt-leftist friends and dared to venture into no man’s land to have an actual debate with people on the opposing side. This is something nobody saw coming and we should all be grateful for it.

Very rarely do I see highly opinionated, or at the very least, influential people come down with their opposing side and have a nice calm debate on their sides of an issue. I was very impressed when Trevor Noah invited Tomi Lahren to discuss Black Lives Matter and why she had so many problems with the movement. Many people I see on the left would simply condemn her on the spot for being a racist just on the fact she had problems at all, not even knowing what they were. But Trevor Noah reaches a broad television audience with many age ranges and has to cater to a wider range of people. Laci Green has a YouTube page seen mostly by millennials who mostly agree with her.

Not to say that her exit has gone quietly. Many infamous alt-leftists like Steve Shives say that their opponents shouldn’t be talked with, but should be destroyed and banned. There are many others that agree with him and it is possible Laci Green may never be on their good side again. I hope this shows her that being far from the edge of an ideology is a lot safer than falling off of it, like Shives has, and that people like him are not the good guys.

It’s moves like this that show you’re not just a grumpy talking head who yells at everyone below your ivory tower. This shows that you can get down to anyone’s level and discuss topics where you may disagree, but are better for knowing the other side of an argument. I won’t rescind any of the negatives I said about her, but I definitely have many more positives to say about Laci Green from this point on.

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