Scandalous Snapchat sweeps campus: Account “towson.snap” allows students to share moments with entire school

By: Lauren Cosca, Staff Writer

Naked pictures. Weed. Alcohol. These are all things that one can see on the public Towson Snapchat story.

Students have been talking more and more about the accounts “towsonu” and “towson.snap” on Snapchat.

Anyone with a Snapchat account can add either username and have the option to send in any snapchats they take, which then can be uploaded to the unofficial Towson story by an anonymous user.

Students often recognize friends or even see their own faces on the Towson Snapchat story.

“It’s just really funny to see all the crazy stuff that goes on here at Towson, and it’s really cool when you get to see people you know on there,” freshman Ellie Kobylski said.

Twitter has become a popular outlet for students to express opinions and make comments about the Snapchat account. @Dominique__X0 tweeted, “So a selfie I was in made it to the Towson Snap ??? #MomIMadeIt.” @torievansss said, “Made it on the Towson snap story. I’m basically famous.”

Many have taken to Twitter to shame the senders of uncensored posts, and the way that students are being incredibly transparent about their engagement illegal activities. @TurtleBouncers, an account affiliated with the Green Turtle on York Road, tweeted, “The picture of the “Freshman year bucket list” on towson.snap is the reason there’s a minimum drinking age, Get a grip, children.”

Even parents are voicing their concerns.

A mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, emailed The Towerlight concerned about her freshman daughter and the activities she witnessed on the Towson Snapchat account.

In response to first hearing of the app, the mother wrote, “Innocent enough, I thought, but then I actually took a look and what I saw was shocking,” she said. “When looking at the “Towson University story” I immediately saw nude photos of students, kids smoking pot, bullying and harder drug use like cocaine and Adderall.”

Often included in the story for ‘towson.snap” is a page telling viewers to “Screenshot and read. We can’t show everything on snapchat or our account will get deleted. You can view the FULL STORY on: Fleek College Stories in the app store (We will continue to post here, but we expect to be banned soon. Fleek is way better anyway.)”

This phenomenon has sparked a new outlet for social media with mass snapchat stories.

Among these accounts include the new, “Towson.snaps,” and even a “,” which features, mostly, naked pictures.

Towson Snapchat shows a whole new side of the university that wasn’t made public to this extent until now, and this account has become a new and controversial aspect of campus life.

One thought on “Scandalous Snapchat sweeps campus: Account “towson.snap” allows students to share moments with entire school

  1. Hmmm… How long till the administration tries to shut this down? Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, mind your business. Also, if people want to post illegal activities and somehow get caught, let them. If people want to get naked, SO WHAT!?
    Anonymous mom, your child is an adult. If there’s a problem and your child gets offended, THEY can complain. This isn’t grade school anymore. You’re probably the parent that contacts the college teacher “Why is my kid struggling!?!” You going to call their boss and ask why they yelled at your kid, why they got fired one day? Let GO.

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