SGA,TUPD hosts biannual safety walk

By: Jonah Lewis, contributing writer

The Towson Student Government Association hosted its semesterly safety walk Thursday evening, highlighting areas around campus where lighting could be increased for the safety of the campus.

The walk drew about 24 attendees who assembled in front of the Student Union and began the walk in the direction of Glen.

Among those in attendance was Provost Melanie Perrault, alongside the leadership of the SGA and two TUPD officers. Representatives from Facilities Management were also present.

Jordan Colquitt, SGA president, said the body had received concerns from students about the walkability and safety of campus at night. He said the data collected during the walk would help the university identify possible problem areas on campus.

Captain Woody Myers of the TUPD expressed appreciation for the fact that the SGA and other organizations at Towson were able to come together and do something to promote a safer campus for all.

“Any time we can convene to discuss what needs to be done to be better, is a good thing,” Captain Myers said. “This case today, we’re looking at safety issues or anything that could present any issues for students, staff, or visitors as they walk or travel across campus. We’ve already identified three lights [that are out] and marked a potential location for a blue light camera, but we’re still halfway [through the walk].”

The main areas that were highlighted for lack of light on the walk were the north side of the Lecture Hall, the stairs on the north side of Newell Hall, the path adjacent to Burdick Hall, and the bottom of the hill beside Tower A. The group also noted several lamps because they had dead bulbs or no bulbs at all, such as the lamps along the stairs at Burdick.

Members of the walk also expressed concern about the types of lamps around campus, some of which have become outdated and do not have a wide area of illumination, as opposed to modern LED lights.

Caitlyn Freeman contributed to this article.


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