Show-winning sweets for sale, locally

By: Sierra Underdue, Staff Writer

If you’re a hardcore food lover and Food Network fan like me, you may have heard of La Cakerie. La Cakerie is a chic and sophisticated bakery/café owned by Jason Hisley, a frequent competitor and winner of famous Food Network shows such as “Cake Wars” and “Cupcake Wars.”

La Cakerie recently won “Cupcake Wars” and their winning cupcake flavor is now available at their store. La Cakerie currently has two locations, one in Towson and one in Baltimore. Everyone comes in like a kid in a candy store, in awe as they gaze at the plethora of sweet treats.

The employees are all very friendly, patient and understanding. They all seem very knowledgeable of the menu and are glad to offer suggestions if you are not quite sure of what to get. 

The environment itself is very warm and welcoming as there are many chairs, couches and televisions to just lounge and really get that café vibe. La Cakerie workers even deliver your food to you if you choose to dine in. In addition to a delicious array of award winning cupcakes, La Cakerie offers an extensive menu of other pastries, sandwiches and handcrafted beverages that are all very sweet and savory.

Some of the more popular items, and the ones I highly suggest, are the Classic Quiche, The Frat, Smokehouse Panini and Maryland Crab Soup. For this piece, I would like to take the time and go into detail about the Maryland Crab Soup.

Since peak seafood season is underway, I think it would be good to go ahead and focus on this.

The Maryland Crab Soup at La Cakerie is nothing short of spectacular. It is unique in that it is made differently from traditional takes of the soup, as it is something like a simple vegetable soup with a tomato base—except there are bits and pieces of crabmeat throughout.

There is a dominant taste of Old Bay seasoning that isn’t overwhelming, but acts as a true compliment as it brings together the taste of the vegetables and tomato base. Each bite is warm and delicious.

The best part about the soup is that it comes with a savory scone— if you’re lucky and they have any more left. It is a soft and flavorful cheese and rosemary scone that really brings out the taste of the soup.

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