Songs for a good study session

By: Chloë Williams, Columnist

‘Tis the season for staying up late, writing until your hand cramps up, and consuming far too much caffeine. No doubt about it, finals is the most stressful time of the semester. Keep calm with these soft and happy songs that will create the perfect soundtrack to your study sessions.

“Like Gold” by Vance Joy is a soft acoustic song that keeps a lighthearted, bouncy feel. The song rises to a powerful bridge while remaining gentle throughout its entirety. This song will keep you company through late night textbook readings.

“Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros is a folksy tune featuring guitar, whistling and tambourines. An upbeat song about love, this track even features a homey interlude of the singers’ own love story. Play this humble little track through all your hours of essay revision.

“Young Folks” by The Wind and The Wave is a groovy piece with shakers and piano that remains grounded with its prominently featured bass and backbeat. This indie rock song is echoing and ambient, yet driving. Keep this song on when you are shuffling through endless flashcards.

“400 Lux” by Lorde is a soft electronic pop track with placid vocals and a chill beat. Swirling effects and serene elements intermix in an original and pleasant way. Pulling an all-nighter? Let this song keep your headspace serene.

“Paris” by Magic Man is a spacey electronic tune about love and travel that features a catchy piano hook. Brassy effects are used to introduce a unique soundscape that frames the vocals unexpectedly well. This song and the study lounge are a match made in heaven!

“Daisy Eyes” by I Know Leopard begins with hip drumkit work and leads into a floating chorus with clean, smooth guitar lines. The background vocals provide a cloudlike atmosphere in which to highlight the shining presence of the main vocals. Motivate yourself before your biggest exam with this vibrant track.

“Junk of the Heart (Happy)” by The Kooks is a funky, feelgood track with the mellow vibes you need to keep the study session going. The moving beat of the bridge paired with a groovy guitar solo will keep your feet tapping when your head’s in the books.

“Garden” by Hinds is a slow garage-style song with faraway instrumentals and tender vocals. This song has a dynamic vocal performance, layering and trading off singers in inventive ways. The leisurely flow of this song is just right for early morning research.

“Eight Days a Week” by The Beatles is an animated track complete with handclaps, catchy lyrics and energetic instrumentals. Simple, yet exciting, this song is sure to keep your studies swingin’.

“Never Be Your Man” by Tom Lark begins with shining guitar lines and sparkling electronics. This track has a steady beat, a tranquil atmosphere and fades out delicately. Turn on this song when you are finishing up the PowerPoint for that big presentation.

“Never Be Mine” by Angel Olsen is a slow indie track that remains upbeat even with a lamenting voice performance. Vocals fall gently while the musical accompaniment floats softly in the background with guitars occasionally taking the forefront. Stressing over your capstone? Let this sweet-sounding song cast all your worries away.

“5 Years Time” by Noah And The Whale opens with cheery whistling, xylophone and ukulele. This sweet love song is backed by simple chords and high-spirited handclaps, even introducing cowbell and vibraslap percussion. Let this song take your mind from your agenda to your happy place.

“Ho Hey” by The Lumineers is a catchy song that builds to strong, expressive movement. The bright and happy strumming of this song matches well with this track’s earthy group vocals. This fairly short song is sure to bring an aura of peace to even the most tense of students.

“Les Champs-Elysées” by Joe Dassin is a French song inspired by the popular and beautiful avenue in Paris, France. The brass and charming vocals make this track a bouncy and delightful listen. If you’re feeling stuck in the library this exams season, let “Les Champs-Elysées” take you far away from your troubles.

“Ain’t That a Shame?” by Fats Domino is a catchy jazz tune with supportive piano hits and smooth saxophone accompaniment. The hearty strings and vocals of this song are the soul of this straightforward but grooving track. Add a little pep to those long hours at your desk with this spirited song.

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