Students reflect on their first week back to in-person learning

By: Alisha Hancock, Assistant Editor
Photo by Macy Dowla/ The Towerlight

Note: These interviews were held before the Sept. 4 on-campus shooting and only pertains to students’ academic experience returning to TU. The Towerlight will continue to share information and student accounts following the shooting. Read our latest update, here.

As Towson University’s first week of the fall 2021 semester has come to a close, many students have expressed an overall positive response to their return to in-person classes. 

“I was nervous about it at first, but I’m enjoying all the aspects, obviously, and like the fun things that come with being on campus,” Junior Maia Johnston said. 

Fourth-year student Emily Hadigian says she has been disappointed by her return to TU due to the fact that some of her classes have become virtual or hybrid this past week. Aside from these courses, Hadigian says her experience with in-person campus life has been overall positive. 

“[It’s] much like it used to be before COVID[-19] times, just with everyone hanging out in Freedom Square and walking around and getting food and going to classes and everything,” Hadigian said. 

According to senior Hunter Braun, it is easier for him to focus on in-person classes over virtual classes.

“Well, one, there’s a psychological effect,” Braun said. “If you’re in an environment that you have been conditioned to learn in instead of relaxing, then it’s just easier to focus.”

Victor Lynch, a sophomore, says he is able to have a better understanding of assignments and questions in person. Lynch experienced distractions in Zoom classes which negatively impacted his focus. 

“I actually do prefer in-person classes because I actually can pay attention and actually feel that I can have a one-on-one interaction with the professor,” said Lynch. 

Sophomore Malia Ngo is happy to have access to Cook Library again.

“I went to the library the other day to just sit and do a bunch of homework and it was really nice,” Ngo said. “It was really easy to focus ‘cause it’s quiet [and there’s] a lot of space.” 

In general, students have expressed a positive response to the University’s vaccination mandate. Freshman Fiona Galega says her professors have helped create a sense of safety for her in class.

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