Study Abroad Fair promises exciting future for Towson students

By: McKenna Graham, Arts & Life Editor, and Domonique Hume, Contributing Writer
Featured image by Jordan Stephenson

In an event geared toward students interested in going abroad through a variety of means, Study Abroad program coordinators, peer advisers and representatives held an event Sept. 7 in the University Union’s Potomac Lounge at 11 a.m.

Gloria Kaumbutho, junior international studies major, was particularly interested in traveling to Latin America.

“Immersing myself in Latin American culture would be great for me,” she said.

For those looking for a more expansive experience, Semester at Sea is a third-party program that focuses on giving students three and a half months of sailing around the coasts of continents, stopping in the ports of 11 different countries, and giving students the opportunity to explore and make excursions into each different country.

“We want [students] to know about all the opportunities that are available to them while here at Towson,” said Holly Tawil, Semester at Sea’s Senior Regional Director of University Relations and Enrollment.

Tawil explained that there are many scholarship opportunities that students can take advantage of.

Towson provides its students with the Institutional Study Abroad Scholarship, scholarships based on destination, scholarships based on applicant identity and academics and a scholarship for students in the Honors College.

An extensive list of scholarships, both from Towson University and from outside organizations, is provided on the “Scholarships & Financial Aid” section of the University’s Study Abroad webpage.

For students who still think the opportunity to go abroad is economically unfeasible, financial aid may be applied to TU exchanges, TU programs and TU-approved third-party programs, although some restrictions may apply.

Towson student Leah Therres studied in the United Kingdom and took advantage of the financial aid opportunities.

“I traveled to six or seven additional countries besides the U.K.,” Therres said. “I traveled pretty much every weekend during the semester around the U.K. On my spring break I went to five cities in continental Europe, and during finals I went to Ireland for a couple of days.”

The Study Abroad office has different advisers based on your desired location, peer advisers and handouts with a step-by-step breakdown of actions required by you, your academic adviser and others who will coordinate to contribute to your experience abroad.

The Study Abroad Office is located in Room 408 of the Psychology Building and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To contact them, call (410)-704-2451 or send an email to

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