Towson’s fall trend forecast

By: Kerry Ingram, Staff Writer

2017 is a year meant to go out with a bang, and the trends for this fall and winter season reflect that. Prepare yourselves, Towson Tigers, because this season looks to be unusually fashionable, with partially glamorous outfits and statement-making ensembles that can get anyone excited about collegiate dressing.

Here are the top trends for women’s fashion, menswear and beauty on college campuses.


Upgraded Denim – The 90s nostalgia is here! This season, a casual outfit is not complete without some form of reconstructed denim. Denim skirts, overalls, and boyfriend jeans are all making a reappearance, while denim’s 2017 upgrades include oversized/distressed jackets, embroidery and shearling finishes.

Glitz and Glam – This trend is my absolute favorite (because it basically means that anything that sparkles and shines is worth wearing!) From metallic pieces to crystalized/rhinestone finishes, this fall is all about shining bright like a diamond.

Headwear – Although it wouldn’t be Towson without sitting in at least one class with someone donning a TU baseball cap, this season’s headwear trend is a little more creative. Wearing hair accessories, like a cool hair-tie or a preppy beret, is sure to get your head in the game and in style this semester.


Quilted/Padded Jackets – Fall is looking to be an important outerwear season for men. Jackets with quilted detailing will add interest to your ensemble, while also being padded for practical warmth (which sounds like a win-win style situation to me.)

Graphic Knitwear – Forget the basics this season, guys. It’s time to rock sweaters that include some color, showcase geometric and creative prints and make a statement! Speaking of making a statement…

Statement Tees – This trend took off for women in the earlier months of 2017, but now menswear brands are creating more statement pieces. Wear your hearts (or opinions) on your sleeves with cool shirts that present exactly what you stand for.


Less is More – When it comes to your complexion, everyone wants a flawless one. This season is still about scoring perfect skin, but without the cake. Beauty looks without foundation are in (which can save you a lot of time in the mornings!)

Monochromatic Looks – This is another trend that will save you time before class. Choose a go-to color (peaches or light pinks usually work, but feel free to go bolder with bright blues and purples) and swipe the color lightly on your lids, cheeks and lips. This makes for an easy and put-together look.

Holographics – Like with women’s fashion, anything that shines is great. Think highlighted skin, metallic lips, dewy lids, damp hair.


Want to know all of this season’s upcoming trends? Make sure to tune in for the week’s episode of “Trendy Tuesdays,” where I break down all of this season’s trends in more detail!


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