TU offers tips for healthy living

By: Mary-Ellen Davis, Staff Writer

Towson got into groove with healthy living at the University’s spring health fair, “For the Health of It!” where students learned ways to stay healthy such as eating well, working out, driving without distractions, learning CPR and preventing STDs.

The fair — hosted by Towson University’s Health Center and departments of student affairs, academic affairs and health science — was held April 12 in the University Union’s Potomac Lounge.

Upon entry, students received a punch card which they could have hole punched at each station. As they got their cards punched, students could get tickets to enter a raffle. After getting ten hole punches and following the Health Center on social media, attendees received a free shirt.

Lillian Bunton, a coordinator for Rideshare, explained that if you plan to workout outside, it is best to “exert yourself before 10 a.m. because the bright sun reacts with the chemicals in the air, pollution, and makes the ozone so the sunnier and the longer the sun is out, the more ozone forms.”

Bunton pointed out that ozone can be damaging to the lungs, so it’s best to do outside work before there is a lot of it in the air.

For those looking for new workouts or group activities, Burdick Hall offers classes in yoga, barre, cycling, kickboxing, and many other classes. Towson will also host Relay for Life, a 12-hour walkathon to raise funds for cancer research, on April 21. Participants can register as a group or as individuals.

Dietitian Molly Stryker said she wanted students to take away tips for eating and being healthy on campus.

“It’s absolutely doable,” Stryker said. “I know a lot [of students] want to avoid the freshman 15 or whatnot, but really [being healthy is about] just kind of choosing the right foods in the dining hall, staying fit on campus, getting involved in intramural sports, those types of things.”

Stryker had some flyers on how to be more selective in the dining hall and how to stay fit on campus, as well as suggestions for a “mini-fridge makeover,” which can all be found at choosemyplate.gov.

Campus police promoted a women’s only self-defense course. The course happens once a semester and teaches awareness, prevention, risk-reduction, avoidance and hands-on defense training.

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