TU’s on-campus housing drastically modified for the fall term

By: Meghan Hudson, Editor-in-Chief
Photo by Brendan Felch/ The Towerlight

Towson University has reduced their residential occupancy for the fall semester by 30%.

Housing for residential students will be reduced to no more than 2 students sharing a bathroom,” said Housing and Residence Life in an email to resident students. “This means some of our buildings will remain at normal occupancy and some of our buildings will need to have their occupancy modified.”

The following modifications will be made for the fall semester: 

  • Barton House, Douglass House, Carroll Hall, and Marshall Hall will all continue to house students at full occupancy.  
  • Towson Run occupancy will remain the same for one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, however the four-bedroom apartments will no longer house eight students, they will now house only four students, with each student in a single bedroom.  
  • 10 West occupancy will remain the same for all apartments, except those housing three students, they will now only house two students.
  • Towers A, B and D will decrease from double to single bedrooms. Tower C will be offline and will serve as isolation/quarantine space.
  • Residence Tower and Newell Hall will decrease to only two students per bathroom, with all students in a single bedroom.  
  • Unfortunately, not all halls are conducive to two students to a bathroom, as a result Prettyman Hall, Scarborough Hall, and Richmond Hall will be closed for phase 2 of the University’s ReTUrn to TU plan. 

The email also shared that Housing and Residence Life is exploring alternate housing options to increase occupancy. No further details were provided regarding what options they may have.

The University will be observing a new “mask on” policy, meaning all students are required to wear masks while on campus, including residents.

“Masks will be required everywhere in the residence hall, except the private room of the student,”  TU posted. “A mask will be required to walk through the hallways, on an elevator, laundry room or in a lounge space.”

Students will also no longer be able to check in guests to their residence halls.

With modified living situations also comes modified pricing. Students will now be charged premium housing prices to live on campus.

The premium housing rate was developed because of only 2 students sharing a bathroom as well as to account for the increased sanitation and protective measures we will be employing as part of our operation,” the email reads.

The following table was sent to resident students:

Premium Housing  

(2 to a bathroom) 

$4,434  $8,868 
Premium Housing – 9 Month Housing 


$4,710  $9,420 
Towson Run Apartments 

1, 2, or 4 Bedrooms 

$4,721 (1 bedroom) – double occupancy 

$4,463 (2 bedrooms – double occupancy)  

$5,331 (4 bedrooms – single occupancy) 

$9,442 (1 bedroom) – double occupancy 

$8,926 (2 bedrooms) – double occupancy 

$10,662 (4 bedrooms – single occupancy) 

Carroll and Marshall Halls 

2 or 4 Bedrooms 

$5,438 (2 bedrooms) 

$5,331 (4 bedrooms) 

$10,876 (2 bedrooms) 

$10,662 (4 bedrooms) 

The Residences at 10 West Burke Avenue  $4,463 (Floors 2-5) 

$4,974 (Floors 6-15) 

$5,066 (Rooms 1409 & 1509)  

$8,926 (Floors 2-5) 

$9,948 (Floors 6-15) 

$10,132 (Rooms 1409 & 1509) 

Residence halls are set to close for the fall term at Thanksgiving break, the same time that in-person academic courses are set to transition to a completely online format.

Housing and Residence life will also be re-assessing eligibility requirements for students living on campus due to their decreased capacity.

“Eligibility for campus housing will be determined in a way that prioritizes those students who otherwise would not be able to complete courses required for continued progress toward their degrees,” the email read.

Students selected will then partake in a new room selection process.

We will be assessing housing eligibility after June 10th,” the email reads. “Once it has been determined who will be returning to campus housing, we will facilitate a new room selection process. Details will be sent via email regarding participation.”

Housing assignments will be released Friday, July 31 at 5:00p.m.

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