We can all change ourselves for the better

By: Megan Graves, Columnist

Hello, Tigers! It’s me again, your fancy, fearless (except for possums), fried-dough lovin’ feminist. I’m brushing the figurative cobwebs and literal crumbs off of my laptop to begin another year of sometimes fun, sometimes infuriating but always factual femformation. Get it? It’s information but with “fem” because, you know, feminism. …sorry.

Anyway, I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to begin. This summer was absolutely jammed packed with important news.

This news ranged from Brock Turner’s incomprehensible, irrational and infuriatingly lacking punishment for committing rape (hell no) to Simone Manuel becoming the first African-American woman to win a gold medal in an individual swimming competition in the Olympics (hell yeah).

As you can see, this summer held some amazing highs and devastating lows for feminism. I’m going to address as much as I can this semester, but first I’m going to do something that I promise not to do that often and talk about myself.

When I looked back on some of my articles from last year, I found myself cringing here and there and wishing I had said things differently.

This article serves as my promise to further educate myself on the opinions I share with you all and to more deeply understand that the way women as a whole experience the world vastly differs from woman to woman.

While I feel confident overall about the material I produce, I must admit that I am still learning. I will never stop learning. There will be things that I say that you may not agree with and if that’s the case, let’s discuss them. I firmly believe that we all learn best through discussion, even though at times it may be uncomfortable.

I think that’s a good motto for starting up new classes, too. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion when you disagree with something someone else says and don’t close up when someone disagrees with you.

I say this because a lack of communication or understanding can too easily turn into hate. If we open up to each other, if we voice our opinions and explain where they come from, maybe we can learn a little more about each other. Maybe that will loosen up some of the hate that binds us down.

This semester, let’s all be willing to change ourselves for the better. And of course, remember that you’re at college, so be sure to love yourself and go have a damn blast. Ready? Set? Go!

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