Wild ‘N Out comes to SECU

By: Stacey Coles, Video Producer

Nick Cannon and his crew from MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” joked about race, sex and other hot topics with a crowd of students Monday night during a sold-out show in SECU Arena.

The show consisted of stand-up comedy from the cast members rather than segments of games viewers see on television.

Cast member Matt Rife jokingly dismissed the idea of “Netflix and chill,” saying he’s trying to “penetrate for a dinner plate” instead.

Chico Bean, a popular cast member of the MTV show, shared his knowledge of Towson’s campus.  He joked about the lack of air conditioning in Scarborough Hall, as well as the food on campus.

“They tried to take me to Glen Dining Hall,” he said. “They say all y’all got the bubble guts when you ate there the first time.”

The creator of the “Wild ‘N Out” TV series, Cannon said he was inspired by shows like “In Living Color” and musical artist Def Jam, as well as “joaning” sessions with comedians like Katt Williams and Kevin Hart.

“I created the show so people can talk about me and show that I don’t take myself so serious,” Cannon said. “That’s the beauty of the show.”

While events similar to “Wild ‘N Out” have taken place on campus previously, student Jhustin Paschall said that this was a whole new experience.

“This is something that Towson hasn’t seen before,” Paschall said. “This is something really big.”

As the seats filled, the  sound of chattering and music filled the arena.

“Some schools don’t get nobody,” Akarolo said. “So it’s really good that we actually got Nick Cannon.”



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