Write realistic resolutions this year

By: Victoria Nicholson, Art Director

Ah, the end of the year. Otherwise known as the time where empty gyms become full, food pics on Instagram become healthy, and weight scales become sold out. As the end of December rolls around, one may start brainstorming helpful goals to better themselves in the upcoming year. 

We all hope that the new year will give us positive growth and new experiences. This year, I wanted to come up with some resolutions and promises that are focused on being realistic and will only aid my self improvement for 2020. By setting high expectations for yourself and your goals, you will actually deter yourself from achievement, and feel worse when your goals aren’t met. This year try to give yourself multiple realistic long-term promises! 

  • Setting up a sleep schedule: As a college student, the word “sleep” may be a word that’s out of your understanding but sleep is going to be the foundation for setting yourself up for success. Have you ever woken up super early in the morning and said to yourself, “Wow, I’ve gotten so much done already and it’s still early in the day.” Oh, I know I have. Usually, you have to give me at least 1-3 business hours to fully wake up in the morning, and that might never change, but if I start earlier in the morning then at least I would be in a better mindset later on and I can fully enjoy waking up to start my day.
  • Taking time for myself: It is so important to check on yourself throughout your busy day. Are you feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed? Remember that your overall well-being is key to maintaining a good day, so remember to take time for yourself to breathe and relax.
  • Decreasing screen time: If you have an iPhone then you should familiarize yourself with the screen time section located in settings. This section will tell you your average time you spend on your phone in a day. The average time I spend on my phone right now is around 5 hours and 15 minutes… yikes. Not only does it tell you your staring at your phone for too long, but it also shows you what apps you are using the most. Having this feature at your fingertips will really help you fight your fatigue during the day time.
  • Finding new things I like to eat: I’ll admit it, I’m a picky eater. I’m the type of person to order chicken tenders wherever I go. Going into my twenties now I really need to get out of my comfort zone and try new things to eat. It’s exciting to try something new and actually like it. I used to think spinach was icky, it reminded me of leaves and I told myself never will I ever like spinach. Well, thanks Aunt Beth, you proved me wrong on that one. Spinach salad is the bomb! Give me a bowl and I’ll devour the whole salad until my tongue turns green, which it will… trust me. Adding new things into your diet is fun, and it’ll help put you in the kitchen cooking different meals!
  • Reading more books: I used to think reading was boring, but I realized once I got older that they’re are so many topics out there to gain knowledge in. This year I started reading self-help books and it opened my eyes to a lot of situations that are going on in my life. Reading these books gave me something to look forward to and gave me an option to focus on having me time. For the upcoming year, I want to set a goal of reading at least 12 new books. A book for each month!

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