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‘D’ is for distinction

By: Stef Foster, Columnist

Here’s a brain twister for you. A student has a GPA of 3.5 but her average grade is a D. How is this possible? It’s a trick question, of course! The student is Australian, where the D stands for ‘Distinction’. At Aussie unis (universities), a Distinction is awarded for a final cumulative score of between 70 and 80 percent. High Distinctions are 80 percent and above, Credits are for scores between 60 and 70 percent and a Pass is awarded for 50 percent and above. However, percentage brackets can vary from one uni to another. Continue reading

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Big talents fail viewer

By: Kaitlyn McKay, Columnist

The plot of “Unbroken” is an incredible true story of survival. Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell), an Olympian, survives in a raft for 47 days during World War II after his plane malfunctions and crashes in the Pacific Ocean. Eventually, he is “rescued” by Japanese soldiers and sent to multiple prisoner of war camps for the remainder of the war. Continue reading

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Another boy band breakup

By: Caitlin Moynihan, Columnist

As a self-proclaimed boy band enthusiast, this past week has been a rough one, and we all know what event I am talking about. If you didn’t hear, read or talk about Zayn Malik’s decision to quit One Direction, I will happily assume that you live under a rock. Before you roll your eyes, completely discredit my opinion, or stop reading, I urge you to think back and realize that history may be repeating itself. Continue reading


Tigers on campus

By: Sydney Engelhardt, Contributing Writer

Towson University’s Tigers for Tigers club welcomed 15 tigers from Rochester, New York to campus last week.

The tigers, female cross-country runners representing the Rochester Institute of Technology and their mascot RITchie the Tiger, have taken on the challenge of running 1,400 miles in order to raise awareness for tiger conservation and women’s athletics. Continue reading

Adrilenzo Cassoma/ The Towerlight

Pat Hiban presents six steps to success to Real Estate Club

By: Paige Sudol, Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 26, Pat Hiban, a top selling real estate agent, came to speak to Towson’s Real Estate Club. According to Hiban, students interested in working in real estate should go right into it and stick with it because they make more and more money each year.

“There’s no other sales job where you can sell such big things,” Hiban said.

Continue reading