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President’s Leadership Institute unveils “Tiger Trails” walking paths

By: Sarah Rowan, Staff Writer

On Friday, Oct. 2, the President’s Leadership Institute class of 2014 unveiled “Tiger Trails,” a system of four running and walking trails throughout campus created to encourage health and wellbeing within the Towson community.

The four routes are between three-fourths of a mile and 2 miles long, each displaying a different part of campus. Continue reading


Dissecting #AllLivesMatter

by: Alysha Payne, Columnist

Before even reading this article, you probably already know about the debate between the infamous “#BlackLivesMatter” and the secondary response to this hashtag “#AllLivesMatter.” You may even have an opinion and probably have even chosen a side to represent. In this article, I’m going to explain how #BlackLivesMatter ultimately holds more meaning to our society as a whole and why #AllLivesMatter is just a call for attention.

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Music and embarrassment

By: Kristin Helf, Columnist 

When it comes to any creative field—music, writing, art, typography, or interpretive dance—you can’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself.

I’ve been telling myself this for years, but it’s only now that it’s started to permeate my subconscious. Meaning only now, by my junior year of college, do I submit the things I write without any unnecessary doubt.

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College of Health Professions introduces AADS minor

By: Malena Khan, Contributing Writer

The College of Health Professions has introduced a new applied adult disability studies minor this fall.

AADS Program Director Connie Anderson said that since people spend most of their lifetime as adults, it is important that adults with disabilities have a voice and that there are people who can help to build a positive image for them. Continue reading

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Sexism can come from women, too

By: Megan Graves, Columnist

When we think of sexism, we tend to imagine the oppression of women by men. We think of misogyny, the hatred of women, and, let’s be honest, we probably imagine it being perpetuated by a man.

This happens because in regards to sexism, the oppression of women by men is considered the “norm.” In other words, it’s so prominent that it doesn’t shock us when we see it. We’re used to it.

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Damon lands in space flick

By: Kyle Casey, Contributing Writer

The recently released film, “The Martian” takes on the ever-daring movie concept of space and delivers in a way that many of its predecessors failed to do.

Starring Matt Damon as astronaut Mark Watney, the film centers around the Ares III mission on Mars, which takes a turn for the worse as the crew is forced to abort during a storm.

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Taking steps to better nurture our nature

By: Annie Sragner, Associate Arts and Life Editor

I caught up with an old friend the other night, and he told me that the Mars One project is planning on sending people to Mars to begin colonization in 2026. With the recent discovery of water on Mars and this mission that is taking place in 11 short years, people are progressing exponentially toward groundbreaking achievements.

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Casting call for “popular political drama” held in Lecture Hall

By: Cody Boteler, Senior Editor

Marinella Hume Casting, a service that works to provide extras for different productions, held an open casting call for a “popular political drama” on campus Saturday.

A casting director for the company, who asked that their name not be used, said that they had already seen over a hundred people within the first hour of the open casting call.

“We wanted to give university students and alumni a chance for a ‘cross it off the bucket list’ opportunity,” the casting director said. Continue reading

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New face in NYC

By: Caitlin Moynihan, Columnist 

Congratulations! If you’re reading this that means you survived Hurricane Joaquin and probably freaked out more than necessary.

While I bought an excessive amount of milk to cater to my cereal needs, the fabulous celebrities of Hollywood continued to live their lives no matter how much the rain and wind threatened to ruin their plans.

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