Ailey II embarks on national tour

By: Taylor DeVille, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

Dancers from the Ailey II company stormed the Stephens Hall stage on Saturday as they kicked off their national tour at Towson.

Ailey II is the acclaimed second company to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, founded in 1958 by  renowned choreographer and activist Alvin Ailey on the principle that dancing should be made available to everyone.

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Students create Freedom School

By: Sarah Rowan, News Editor

Towson’s Black Student Union and the Organized Network of Student Resistance plan to launch Towson Freedom School, a workshop for black studies, beginning Sept. 22 in the Lecture Hall at 6:30 p.m.

Student activist and founder John Gillespie sees the organization as a way to “create a black studies space in the absence of a black studies space at Towson.”

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Econ profs debate minimum wage

By: Bailey Hendricks, Staff Writer

Economics professors Melissa Groves and Howard Baetjer battled over whether the minimum wage should be raised or repealed Sept. 14, during a faculty debate in the Liberal Arts Building.

Baetjer was in favor of repealing the minimum wage all together. He said that if a company wanted to hire low-skilled labor for less than the minimum wage, they should be allowed to do so.

“I believe that the advocates of minimum wages and higher minimum wages are mostly well-meaning people who have a genuine concern about the people with less,” Baetjer said. “But I believe they’re tragically mistaken. I believe the minimum wage actually hurts the people they are trying to help.”

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HRL hosts Marshall open house

By: Rohan Mattu, Contributing Writer

On an event page for the Housing & Residence Life Open House, the department says that, last year, “there were some incident where some residents did not feel welcome in our overall campus housing community.” The department wants to work on “truly creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.”

During the April unity rally after a hate/bias incident at the CLA Cafe last semester, Director of Residence Life Ron Butler said that he would resign his position following the fall 2016 semester if students still felt that HRL had not taken steps that students need to feel safe.

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Inaug. speaker cheers diversity

By: Mary-Ellen Davis, Staff Writer

Author and activist Andrew Solomon described how diversity unites certain groups of people in the face of adversity in society and at home Tuesday, Sept. 13, as part of Towson President Kim Schatzel’s inauguration week activities.

Schatzel, said that she’s “had the pleasure” of hearing Solomon speak before, and immediately thought of him to give an inaugural lecture.

“It’s the most compelling work that he’s doing in so many areas of LGBT rights, mental health and just the area of difference,” Schatzel said.

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TU takes on sexual violence

By: Cody Boteler, Editor-in-Chief

Kailah Carden is a relatively new hire at Towson charged with preventing sexual violence on campus by educating Towson students. Her role includes coordinating different departments and events to meet that charge.

“Educating students on sexual violence prevention has been going on, but it’s never been coordinated like this,” Carden said.

Carden, who’s Towson’s first sexual violence prevention educator, was hired over the summer. Since then, she’s trained or provided training to over 7,000 students in how to prevent sexual assault and sexual violence.

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TU recognized in list of top schools

By: Amanda Carroll, Contributing Writer

U.S. News & World Report has recognized Towson University as 14th in its list of the region’s top public schools within its annual America’s Best Colleges guide.

Towson also took 51st place in the guide’s list of 195 public and private institutions in the northern region, a position it shares with Baltimore neighbor Notre Dame of Maryland University.

“The America’s Best Colleges rankings are a direct reflection of our more than 100 outstanding graduate and undergraduate degree programs, our excellent faculty and our students’ strong academic performance,” Towson University President Kim Schatzel said in a press release.

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Goats clean up the Glen Woods

By: Nick Mason, Staff Writer

Harmony Church Farm has once again lent its goats to Towson University for an eco-friendly cause.

“Our task is to remove invasive species,” goat herd owner Ronie Cassily said. “We were hired by [Professor James Hull] who’s in charge of this arboretum here at Towson University.”

Named “Harmony Herd,” the group of 20 goats is spending its third year helping out on campus. The process will last for about a week, with the goats working in different sections of the arboretum.

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Proxima B lights up planetarium

By: Kristin Helf, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

The Watson-King Planetarium, perched atop Smith Hall, saw a full house of students and faculty learning at an “Other Earths” planetarium show Friday.

Alex Storrs, an associate professor of physics, astronomy and geosciences, presented the show where those in attendance could learn about the discovery of Proxima Centauri B, an exoplanet.

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