Celtic tale of fantasy

By: Kaitlyn McKay, Columnist

In the animated film, “Song of the Sea,” Ben (David Rawle) is a young boy who lives at a lighthouse with his younger, mute sister Saoirse (Lucy O’Connell) and his widower father, Conor (Brendan Gleeson).

Ben’s Granny (Fionnula Flanagan) believes that their isolated home environment is not good for the children, and instead takes them with her to live in the city. It is there that Ben discovers his sister is actually a selkie, a figure from Celtic mythology that transforms into a seal in the sea, and a human on land with magical singing abilities. Continue reading

Illustration by Kara Bucaro/ The Towerlight

Analyzing Yik Yak’s use prior to student’s trial

By: Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief

Illustration by Kara Bucaro/ The Towerlight
Illustration by Kara Bucaro/ The Towerlight

Social media app Yik Yak’s main feature is allowing people, mainly college students, to make anonymous posts — known as Yaks – that anyone in the area can view.

These posts are then upvoted or downvoted and can be commented on by other users. The higher the rating, the higher up on the list the post will be so users see it first.

However, students posting on the app may not be as anonymous as they think.

According to a spokeswoman for Yik Yak, the app maintains a log that includes the IP address from which a message is posted, the GPS coordinates of the location from which the message are posted and the time, and date the message is posted.

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Courtesy of Dustin Brians

Kicking Cancer’s butt

By: Danny Tress, Contributing Writer

Colorectal cancer is the number two cancer-related killer of both men and women in the U.S. today behind lung cancer at number one.

It will kill 50,000 people this year, and 150,000 people will receive a colorectal cancer diagnosis, according to Dustin Brians, one of the founders of the Kickstarter campaign funded project “The Buttfolio.” Continue reading

Sarah Hugel/ The Towerlight

Students, local law enforcement celebrate TU Safety Day

By: Caitlin Wolfarth, Staff Writer

Students stood by Thursday afternoon as a K-9 Unit dog leaped into the air and bit down on a full-grown man in the middle of the Union’s Lot 9. The jump made the man stagger, but he did not fall down. Fortunately for him, this was not an arrest but only a demonstration orchestrated by the Baltimore County Police Department during Towson’s Safety Day.

Other participating institutions included units from BCPD, the county Fire Department, Baltimore Police Recruitment, MD State Police, Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company, TurnAround, Bike Maryland, Joe’s Bike Shop, Kids in Safe Seats and Towson University Police Department.

Along with the K-9 demonstration, the Baltimore County Fire Department gave a “Jaws of Life” demonstration, which showed students how firefighters retrieve victims from damaged cars, step by step. Continue reading

Filipino cultural association brings cultures together

By: Jessica Ricks, Contributing Writer

Although he is Filipino, freshman Lorenz Cortez said that this weekend at the Third Annual Asian Pacific Islander (API) Celebration he learned many things about his own culture that he did not previously know.

“I learned a lot about my own culture and homeland,” Cortez said. “I haven’t been to the Philippines in 15 years so it would be helpful when I go back,” Cortez said. Continue reading

TU talks community building

By: Kristen Maloney, Contributing Writer

The Building Our Community Dinner, hosted by Towson University on April 16 in the West Village Ballrooms and geared toward fostering university and community relations, began with the attending students and community members filling out a square sheet of paper with the three core values they found to be most important. These individual sheets of paper would be later constructed into a quilt that would be hung in the back of the room.


The first of the speakers was Coordinator of Off-Campus Student Services Joyce Herold, who was introduced by Student Government Director of Community Outreach Jon Connelly. Herold encouraged all attendees to reach out and get to know someone they have never met, and specifically recommended that attending students mingle with community members.

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