12 songs that you’ll totally be smitten with

By: Chloë Williams, Columnist

At the heart of it, Valentine’s Day is the one day out of the year that celebrates love in all the forms that it takes. Whether you are going out with that special someone, or having a night in with friends, we’ve got your holiday soundtrack covered.

1. “Do You Love Someone” by Grouplove

This upbeat indie-pop track starts out soft and groovy, then kicks in with exciting drums and a guitar in the chorus. The perfect song for any dance party, the bass keeps this song moving and the energetic vocals sustain the bubblegum vibe. Cheerful but pleading, this song is a cry out to take a chance on love.

2. “Everyone But You” by The Front Bottoms

Fun and bouncy, this indie-rock song weaves the comical tale of someone who hates “everyone but you.” The crisp vocals present an intriguing contrast to the muddled distortion of the guitar and faraway chimes of the synths. Ambient instrumentals paired with an ever-pounding drum lay the foundation for the unfolding vocal narrative.

3. “You Make Me Feel So Young” by Frank Sinatra

This famous jazz piece features the iconic sound of muted brass, supporting bass, fluttering flute, and the golden voice of Sinatra. The back-and-forth between vocals and instrumentals keeps the listener constantly engaged. This continuously building love song escalates to a powerful last chorus, and slowly floats back down for a gentle send-off.

4. “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand

This dynamic alternative track starts out with a strong rock ‘n’ roll intro that transforms itself into a grooving disco-inspired alternative vibe. Three very different moving lines of vocals and guitars are layered with pulsating bass and cymbal hits. This track transforms once more into a glittering pop-infused style, before settling back into its plead to “c’mon, take me out!”

5. “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by The Beatles

A folksy song about love at first sight, “I’ve Just Seen A Face” features exquisite guitar work and earnest, fervent lyrics. This song is swiftly-moving with merry vocal interjections and two similar yet distinct feels that play well together. This track has all the sappy sweetness of a great love song presented in a singularly spectacular way.

6. “Chemical Machine” by Jule Vera

This slow pop song has a mildly dark aura cultivated with ukulele, soft chimes, clean guitar, and a slow, steady beat. The floating, dulcet female vocals and lead guitar support and bounce off of each other in the build-up for the chorus. Haunting yet angelic, this song provides a unique take on love songs.

7. “Get Weird” by The Dollyrots

Funny and quirky, this bubblegum rock track remains energetic and lively throughout its entirety. The sugary sweet female vocals work extremely well paired with the ever-persistent electric guitar. In this song, an eccentric romance unfolds that invites the listener to “come get weird!”

8. “Helena” by New Beat Fund

This laid-back love song includes instrumentals that feel just out of reach, right up until the chorus, where they surround the listener completely. The vocals are present and sincere, but fade into the atmosphere afterwards. The lyrics speak of taking the city by storm in a fit of budding romance.

9. “Undercover” by Nightmare and The Cat

Lightly glittering in, “Undercover” lays a mellow foundation for what tumbles into a synth-based dance song. The main voice is supported in both the high and low extremes during the chorus, cultivating a dynamic result. The bridge is distant and dreamy, leading back into a powerful restatement to “keep this love undercover.”

10. “Fell In Love With A Girl” by The White Stripes

This fast-paced rock song is an homage to a wild and wonderful new love. Over before you know it, this song has everything you want from its genre: grungy vocals, fuzzy guitar and clashing drums. This head-banging tune is the song you didn’t know you needed on your Valentine’s Day playlist.

11. “400 Lux” by Lorde

This chill pop tune describes the day-to-day of a relationship that is kind and easy. Filled with lyrical anecdotes, this song provides a simple synth track on top of perfectly blended vocals. “400 Lux” flows, swirls, and echoes in all of the best ways, telling the story of two lovers who are wasting time and loving it.

12. “Stuck On You” by New Politics

Setting the stage with sounds of crickets and piano keys twinkling like stars, the gentle vocals and singing strings are welcomed into this love ballad. The song then kicks in with drumset and guitars that keep the song steadily wandering on. This track eventually shifts to a dynamic, buoyant section, before bringing it all home with the impassioned question, “what did I do to get my mind stuck on you?”   

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