Five ingredient curry is simple, delicious and cheap

By: Sophia Bates, Associate Editor 

In case you haven’t looked at a calendar in a while, we’re nearly almost through September. That means soon we’ll be putting on turtlenecks, picking out pumpkins and lighting the entire Yankee Candle fall candle collection in your home. This also means stress-inducing midterm assignments are coming, followed by research papers. 

I love curry, which also happens to be incredibly easy and affordable to meal prep. Follow this recipe for five ingredient curry and you’ll get stress-free, delicious results. 

P.S. If you are a visual learner, feel free to check out this tiktok I made that walks you through the steps.


  • Any veggies you have to saute (I used onions and shredded carrots). 
  • Protein of your choice 
  • Simmer sauce (I used the Spicy Pumpkin Curry sauce from Trader Joe’s). 
  • Spices to season your protein with. Use spices that compliment well with the simmer sauce you are using. 
  • Basmati rice 


  • Start to prep your veggies and protein. If you are using a protein that’s longer to cook through (ex. chicken), you’ll need to start cooking this before the veggies. 
  • Boil 1 cup of water per ⅔ a cup of rice. 
  • Put some butter or oil in a pan and add your veggies to saute. Once the veggies are looking nearly ready, add your protein (I used tofu, so I added and seasoned it to cook with the veggies). 
  • Once your water is at a boil, add your rice and turn the water down to a low simmer, then cover. 
  • Once your protein and veggies are cooked, turn the heat down very low and add the simmer sauce. Stir it throughout and let it cook with the veggies and protein. Make sure you add seasoning to your desire! 
  • Once your rice is ready and your curry is hot, you are ready to serve! Grab a bowl of rice and add your curry! 
  • BONUS: Get some naan from the grocery store and warm it up with some butter and garlic powder. 

This recipe is super easy, filling and cheap. I find that ⅔ a cup of rice and one bag or jar of simmer sauce can produce 3-4 meals.


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