Towson Women’s Basketball falls to Princeton 71-54

By: Courtney Ott, Deputy Sports Editor and Da’Rell Johnson, Contributing writer

Towson Women’s Basketball lost to Princeton University 71-54 after a long fought battle inside SECU Arena.

Towson struggled on offense, finishing with a 33% field goal percentage, including 0-6 on three-pointers. Princeton out-rebounded Towson 41-30. Towson did not record any field goals in the final 3:45 of the game.

“It’s the second game in a row where we have been out-rebounded,” said Head Coach Laura Harper. “I definitely think that it’s just pure effort and it’s a direct correlation for us and how we play. For most of this game we were playing behind but I do think we fought to the end.”

The first basket of the game belonged to Towson Guard Skye Williams. Towson acquired a 4-0 lead after Forward Quinzia Fulmore made her first layup of the game. 

Princeton was able to tie the game at 4-4, but a Princeton turnover in the backcourt led Guard Kylie Kornegay-Lucas to take possession and recorded 2 points making the game 6-4. 

Princeton took their first lead at 9-6 when Guard Anissa Rivera turned the ball over which led to an open layup for Princeton. 

To put Towson back in the lead, Kornegay-Lucas made an and-one but Princeton responded with a three-pointer, taking back the lead, 12-11. Princeton then went on a six-point scoring run, leading 18-11, after Towson had multiple traveling violations and turnovers.

Princeton held the lead at the end of the first quarter as Guard Julia Cunningham led the way, 20-13. Kornegay-Lucas helped the Tigers with just seven points as they trailed behind, and Towson struggled to take care of the ball with eight turnovers in the quarter.    

Scoring in the second quarter started with Princeton but Towson responded with a jump shot from Rivera. With seven minutes left in the quarter, Guard Patricia Anumgba drew a personal foul against Princeton and made both foul shots, cutting Princeton’s lead to 22-17.

Down by 10, Guard Alexia Nelson put two points on the board with a jump shot inside the paint, putting the Tigers at 21-29. 

Princeton led Towson 43-26 at half after outscoring the Tigers by 10 points in the second quarter. Kornegay-Lucas led the team in points with nine followed by Anumgba with six. Center Taiye Johnson led the team with five rebounds. 

Towson had a 30% field goal percentage while Princeton held a 50% field goal percentage. Towson struggled to protect the ball leaving the half with nine turnovers compared to Princton’s four. Towson struggled in turnovers with nine and Princeton only had four ending the first half. 

“We were definitely losing by 17 at one point… I like to say the game was not won or lost in the first half,” said Harper. “We need to try to exploit something, to run something because I need to see the ball in the basket.”

Starting off the second half, Williams put up two with a driving layup through the Princeton defense. Princeton struggled to score on their first two possessions as Fulmore was able to put up two foul shots for the home team, cutting down the lead 30-43.

After what looked like a Towson turnover, Kornegay-Lucas was able to recover the ball and assisted Fulmore in a layup, who recorded two more points. Fulmore put up another two, putting the Tigers at 34-48, with a driving layup in the paint.

Princeton led after the third quarter 55-41. Kornegay-Lucas had 16 points through three, followed by Fulmore with eight. Towson held a 35% field goal percentage.

Starting the fourth quarter, Nelson drew a personal foul and capitalized on both foul shots which reduced Princeton’s lead to 55-43. Kornegay-Lucas followed that with drawing another personal foul on the next drive and capitalized on both free shots after shutting down Princeton’s offense.

With just under three minutes remaining in the game, Princeton capitalized on two foul shots, giving the Tigers a 10 point lead at 63-53. Fifty seconds remained in the quarter and Anumgba recorded one foul shot, still down 54-66. Princeton finished on top 71-54.

Towson struggled to rebound the ball as Princeton recorded four offensive rebounds to Towson’s one. Kornegay-Lucas had trouble finding her rhythm in the fourth, recording four points, two of which came at the charity stripe. 

“We’re learning a lot about ourselves, about our diversity, and this team doesn’t like to lose. We’re going to continue to learn and grow from this” stated Harper.

Anumgba was the only player to score off the bench from Towson, she recorded 10 points shooting 75% from free throw. 

“Pat was my first signee when I got here. I’ve always known Pat is talented, she can score, she’s a competitor…I trust her” said Harper. 

Towson faces Howard University on Dec. 10 at 2 p.m. in D.C.


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