Why I’m voting for Trump in the upcoming election

By: Sam Jones, Columnist

I didn’t always know that I was a Republican, however I did know that I had many conservative values that have been passed down in my family for generations. When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the White House, I was too politically ignorant to know if I supported him or not. Honestly, I liked Bernie Sanders, because that’s who all of my friends liked. However, as the 2016 election unfolded, I quickly decided that I was a proud Republican and an even prouder Trump supporter. Sure, over the past four years I have disagreed with the President here and there, however he is a President that delivers results, and can not be taken down with lies. 

It has not been easy being a Trump supporter. Over the past four years, this country has been filled with claims that have portrayed the President and his supporters a certain way. It is clear that many Trump supporters have even gone into ‘hiding,’ not admitting who they will vote for to anyone they know disagrees with them. I am among these hiding Trump supporters in many ways. 

Liberal progressive students may not be concerned about wearing a Joe Biden hat, or Bernie Sanders shirt across campus, but I know that if I wore a MAGA hat on campus, I might be harassed, or possibly physically assaulted. It happened on Towson’s campus in 2016, and happens across the country all the time. While I am more vocal than most, there is a reason that Trump supporters have been labeled “the silent majority.”

We stay quiet. We watch from the shadows. Everytime a story breaks and the media claims it is the end of a presidency, we chuckle to ourselves and say “Trump isn’t going down to this one.” And whether it was investigating Russian collusion, or a quid pro quo phone call to Ukraine, they fail every time to take down our President. And instead of the President focusing on these allegations, he has been focused on results.

Under the first four years of the Trump administration, we have seen some economic advances. Unemployment was decreasing before the pandemic, and hit an all time low for African Americans and Hispanic Americans. I always say that if the President is the racist and misogynist that the left claims he is, he is really bad at it. Still, him and his supporters are given labels, and treated with prejudice, something the modern day Democratic party fights.

My main point here is that we live in the age of scandal-seeking media. As long as it fits their narrative, they will report it with no repercussions, even when they are straight lying. If it doesn’t fit their narrative, they will hide it and not report it. This is the exact reason that Donald Trump won in 2016, and why he will be re-elected this year. The silent majority is fed up with the lies and false reporting.

For my fellow Towson Tigers who feel the same way as me, know that you are not alone. We may not wear Trump apparel around campus, and we may be scared to tell certain friends how we plan to vote, but we exist and our ideas are just as valid as anyone else’s. We stand for individual thought, not simply letting the incredibly biased, scandal-seeking media control our thoughts. We know that the second amendment is a vital part of our individual safety. We stand with law enforcement, knowing that they keep our communities and loved ones safe. We support presidents who negotiate better trade deals, and foreign policy, that put America and her people first. On all of these things, President Donald Trump has delivered. I can not wait to pledge my support for the President in-person on Nov. 3rd, and look forward to four more years of “Keeping America Great.”

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