PAWS reopens for first time since 2020

By: Jake Shindel, Senior Editor

With new lighting, ambience and food, PAWS Cafe in the University Union reopened its doors on Monday for the first time since 2020 after being closed for three years for renovations.

The renovation is part of the university’s $120 million Union project, which is now nearly complete. A university spokesperson said that construction services is working on “closeout items”. 

The new Paws spans around 13,000 square feet, and still has the pool tables that used to make it a late-night hangout spot.

Junior Muhammad Tayyab was the first customer to order from the renovated Paws. He said he waited outside the doors for 15 minutes before they let customers in.

Despite hearing negative things about the old PAWS, Tayyab said he enjoyed the experience. 

“It was nice. I like the place,” Tayyab said. “I would say I was amazed to be honest, to see this after it was closed for so long.” 

Towson Dining Services Vice President of Operations for Towson Dining Services, Rawn Burnett, said the goal was to create improved ambience, lighting and food. 

“We’re looking to bring innovative technology to our students here on campus, as well as serve a quality product with speed of service,” Burnett said. “There is all new ambience, lighting; the university did a fantastic job for our students with the look and feel of the new Paws cafe.”

While Paws used to be open until 2 a.m. on weeknights, it is now open until 11 p.m.

Freshman Cooper Beeson said the closing time is late enough.

“I’m mainly excited because they’re open as late as the [Newell] Den, for one,” Beeson, who lives in the Glen Towers said. “Two, it’s not as far of a walk, especially when it’s cold outside. Not fun to walk [to the Den] in the rain or when it’s windy, so it’s nice that it’s gonna be a lot closer.”


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