Staff editorial: 15 Things for Schatzel’s first 150 days

By: Towerlight Staff

President Kim Schatzel,

Welcome to Towson University! We’re excited for you to be starting here, and we can’t wait to see what great things TU accomplishes under your leadership. You’ve got a big job ahead of you. To help get you started, we, as an editorial staff, have brainstormed and consulted with some other student leaders to create a list of 15 things for you to do during your first 150 days in office.

1. Reaffirm the document that was signed by Interim President Timothy Chandler in November. The list of demands that was presented by a group of concerned black students is not only reasonable in the version that was signed, but it’s important. TU should aim to diversify and to increase cultural competency.

2. Eat at every dining hall and dining location at least once. You know, wait in lines, communicate with the sometimes unfriendly staff, navigate vegan or gluten free menu options and the price of a meal… do everything that comes along with being a student trying to stay healthy (or at least full) while living on campus.

3. Try to find parking like a commuter student. Because, honestly, it’s a nightmare at times. Towson has increased enrollment dramatically, but one of the biggest consequences of this is a dire lack of parking for students.

4. Navigate the Liberal Arts Building during a class change. It can be difficult, especially for students new to Towson. It’s a beautiful building, for sure, but it’s pretty much a crowded maze.

5. Go to a basketball game. Or two, or three. And go to other games, matches and meets, too. Towson University has some great programs that, frankly, students don’t always support as much as we should.

6. Get to know all the legislators, community members and politicians that have a say in Towson’s operation. TU is surrounded by vibrant and active communities of residents that have been here for, in some cases, decades. Getting to know the local county council members and state legislators definitely won’t hurt, either–especially since we’re a public institution and have to compete for state funding.

7. Spend some time enjoying the sun on a warm day on the lawn in West Village and then write something on the chalkboard in Freedom Square. These are two really popular areas for students to spend their free time. The best way to get to know Towson is to get to know the students, right?

8. Come hang out in The Towerlight office. We’re not a student group, but we are a group of students. There’s almost always someone in the office, but you’ll find the most success at trying to meet everyone on a Monday afternoon.

9. Try to get in a 30 minute workout in Burdick while the gym is undergoing renovation. It won’t be easy. It’s crowded, cramped and busy. Students aren’t happy that the renovations won’t be done until after they’ve graduated.

10. Experience the early-morning walk from West Village to 7800 York Road for an 8 a.m. course. Nobody is happy to be awake that early, and not everybody is able to use the on-campus shuttles. It’s not fun, but it’s a big part of life at TU.

11. Try a plate of wings at Bill Bateman’s. And, while you’re at it, maybe grab a drink at the bar. Bateman’s is another hub for students to meet in between or after classes, or to watch a Towson game on TV.

12. Play pool in Paws. Grab some fries, a few students and a pool table. Since it’s right in the University Union and has really, really great hours, Paws is always buzzing with student activity.

13. Spend some time on a late Friday night at the intersection of York and Bosley. It won’t be pretty, but it will be Towson. Hundreds of students flock Uptown on the weekends.

14. Take a walk through the Glen. This will be pretty. Beautiful. Relaxing. The Glen occupies the heart of campus, and has a few paths for anyone to walk through. It makes a good shortcut through parts of campus.

15. Attend as many student events and gatherings as possible. The student groups here are, without a doubt, what make Towson such a vibrant university. Take some time to get to know the student groups, what they care about, what their missions are. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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